Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing: The Managerial Reporting Project

First, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We’re The Managerial Reporting Project, nice to meet you! We get asked frequently “What is the Managerial Reporting Project?” Our world at the University, and the data and information around it, are growing. How we harness and use that data more effectively will contribute to our continued success. Managerial Reporting is here to further our efforts in enabling more accurate, consistent and reliable data as well as implement additional robust, usable, and effective decision support applications and reporting to support more robust financial planning, analysis and decision making at multiple levels. Read more about our mission and goals by clicking here.

We have been busy, busy bees lately as our Orange Data and Process Improvement teams begin their work, the Hyperion Cost of Education (COE)/ University Financial Model (UFM) reporting solution moves forward, and our team continues to grow. However, we of course find to time bask in the sun with our customized project sunglasses, because the future is ever so bright.

Our Orange Data and Process Improvement teams are underway after the May 15 Kickoff event where people from around grounds came together to meet their team members, learn about the Orange Team process, and score the super cool sunglasses pictured above. We had over 50 people attend the kickoff, and when asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-5, gave overall session value a 4 ,and the ability to bond and meet team members a 4.5. Teams are now in the process of meeting. These team meetings have had been full of some wonderful initial dialogue, congratulations Orange Teams on an excellent start. We appreciate everyone’s ongoing participation and will continue to work with teams to expand and refine their overall charge and goals. If you’re interested in joining a team to improve data and processes across the University, there’s still time to join, contact Jessica Rafter at to get more information and connected to a team.

On another front, Hyperion Profitability Cost Management (HPCM), the reporting solution that will be used to report on the COE/UFM, has made significant progress on the build of the development environment.

The most exciting news is left for last; our team has grown by one! Mark Anderson is now our HPCM System Administrator. As part of the core project team he will be the leader of the functional design and application support for the launch of the HPCM-COE Application. Please join me in welcoming Mark.