Thursday, August 6, 2015

Updates from the Comptroller's Office: APA Audit & Cardinal

APA Audit
The audit is progressing as usual, and the APA will be on-site full time in early to mid-August. A new GASB Pronouncement (GASB 68) effective for FY15 will have a significant impact on the University’s financial statements, thus requiring additional time and effort.  Our goal this year is to have the completed financial statements by the November BOV meeting.

The Commonwealth’s transition to Cardinal is still going on with the February 1, 2016 “go live” date rapidly approaching. The Comptroller’s staff will begin going to individual training workshops that address specific users and modules of the new Cardinal System over the next few months. IS-EA has been busy “stamping” the new Cardinal accounts in Oracle and Accounting Services has also been involved in numerous tasks related to this project.

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