Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bookmark This: Finance Outreach & Compliance

Finance Outreach and Compliance (FOC) was formed in January 2015 to enable the creation of a more seamless and comprehensive approach to compliance and training across the Finance area. The intervening months have been busy as I’ve worked with Melody, her other direct reports, and leaders from around the University to more clearly define the priorities and specific responsibilities for the office. I’ve also had the privilege of building what I think is a truly exemplary team to help me implement our mission which directly supports the pillars of The Cornerstone Plan. In particular, FOC is committed to enhancing university-wide infrastructure and services to encourage and support research, scholarship, creative arts and innovation by faculty and students (Pillar #2) and pursuit of optimal allocation of resources to align with institutional priorities (Pillar #5).

The FOC team is currently working with partners across Grounds to:
  • enhance training programs for the Integrated System and Student Information System finance modules
  • address the IT security needs of researchers required by federal sponsors
  • develop new finance processes. training programs, work aids and guidance documents to address needs identified by stakeholders
  • plan a Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology conference (UVA Forward on May 26, 2016) for University administrative professionals
  • add new functionality to the export control program and website
  • develop training for the new travel booking and expense reimbursement tools
  • update Finance policies
  • look for ways to simplify processes while providing greater assurance of our compliance with state and federal regulations as well as sponsor and donor requirements
  • and many other exciting projects.

To keep our momentum going forward and succeed in our mission, we need your help.  Please stay engaged with us, keep your suggestions coming, and stay tuned for new offerings!

- Kelly Hochstetler, Director

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