Thursday, December 17, 2015

MRP: Agile Methodology & Naming the Future Reporting Environment

The Managerial Reporting Project is using Agile methodology principles to structure the team’s work. This approach breaks up deliverables into smaller “chunks,” and enables the team to adapt to shifting work priorities. Some of the team’s behind-the-scenes technology is quite innovative, but will remain transparent to most end-users. Informatica’s Power Center (an Extract, Transform, and Load platform), for example, allows the team to build and maintain robust and accurate data transformation processes, which incorporate validated business logic and allow for future growth. The system will translate and move data from source databases (Finance, HR, SIS, etc.) to the new staging database, and eventually to the reporting databases—which will feed the Qlik reporting environment.

Do you have an original or novel idea for what UVA should call the future Qlik reporting environment? Make your suggestion today!

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