Thursday, February 4, 2016

From Melody's Desk

Good afternoon,

Spring is on the way, at least according to Punxsutawney Phil. What perfect alignment for our ongoing strategy planning process – we kicked off the process at the dawn of the new year and are progressing forward with the exciting next steps on as we move into spring.

Next week, at our Discovery Phase 2 meetings, we will share the stories of accomplishment, gather our hopes and deliberate on the aspects of our history we most value and want to bring into the future.  These conversations will provide the foundation for the success of UVAFinance over the next 5 years.

Our experiences at UVA are stepping-stones, leading from our first day to our present roles that support the education, the research, and the service missions of the University. As we invest ourselves in the second phase of the Discovery process and look forward toward a vision of success, we may just discern the next stepping stones that will take us toward that future.

In the language of Appreciative Inquiry, the final phases are Dream, Design and Destiny.  Next, we will build upon the knowledge collected to DREAM new possibilities for UVAFinance and the University. Our images of the future are a direct result of our answers to the interview questions, with which we paint a compelling picture of what we can become.  We will dialog, debate, craft, create, and ultimately DESIGN how we will bring to life this future, in light of the University’s culture, systems, processes, and structures. Finally, we will take action to achieve our DESTINY.

DREAM, DESIGN, and DESTINY will take place on Friday, February 26. We will provide more information and provide an opportunity for you to volunteer to participate in these phases during the Discovery Phase 2 meetings next week.

Have a terrific rest of the week!

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