Thursday, August 4, 2016

Carruthers Construction Update

Project services have been hard at work preparing for the collab room turnover on 8/8. Activities include:


  • Duct work was completed 8/1 
  • Tying in the new systems to the existing 7/30
  • Moved the main duct in collab room 270A to accommodate new lighting 

  • Lighting and controls will be delivered Thursday 8/4 
  • Furniture is being assembled in the large work area behind the collab rooms

  • Finished and currently being primed 

  • Done on 8/1 

  • Demo of carpet in the large work area behind the collab space took place over the weekend 7/30 
  • New carpet was installed 8/1 

  • Installed 7/28 
  • Doors arrived 7/29 and were installed Monday 8/1
  • Temporary wall was removed during off hours 7/30 

Nine Comptroller staff will be moving out of their current offices on August 12 so that offices along the south wall can be torn down to build 6 new hard walled offices.  The “Fixed Assets” group will move to their new permanent offices behind the collab rooms the week of August 15.

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services has reconfigured their office space to accommodate the Fixed Assets move.  The reception desk is located where Joyce Dunn sat and Joyce has moved back 2 offices.  Connie Alexander is beside the receptionist desk.  Charles Kidd and Kristin Floyd are diagonally across from the receptionist desk.

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