Thursday, August 4, 2016

MRP: UBI & Development

UBI Training, by the numbers: (as of Aug 1, 2016)
775 GA users (our initial UBI stakeholder population)
370 Users completed Into-to-UBI training (35 of 60+ scheduled sessions)
290 UBI users in Production
132 Users in the UBI Community

For new UBI users, once you have completed training, it is important to log in and use the tool before you forget what you’ve learned. Remember: this is a reporting tool—you can’t hurt anything. Dive in and move around. Start with familiar data, and see where the experience takes you. The UBI Community is the best place for UBI users to engage with colleagues about the new reporting tool.

What’s in Development?
Development never stops for UBI and the Managerial Reporting Project. Our team is working on enhancements to the existing UBI modules, in addition to new modules for GA. We're planning to release changes in concert with the switch of the data source from the Operational Data Store (ODS) to the new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in early September.

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