Thursday, August 18, 2016

PSDS: Cloud/SaS Contract and T&E

Procurement received praise for helping navigate a very complex and aggressive contractual negotiation with what many IT leaders would say is the biggest Cloud/SaaS vendor solution that UVA will implement in the next 10 years. More information will be released soon about this exciting new development!

The Travel and Expense Services Team is excited to share the progress of the Chrome River Expense Program design! In preparation for the completion of the build, we asked each school to identify key individuals involved in their Travel & Expense (T&E) processes. There were approximately 150 people in attendance over the course of eight sessions held throughout July and early August. We solicited feedback regarding each school’s expense reimbursement and T&E card reconciliation processes. We also encouraged use of TravelUVA and the Travel and Expense Card

The TravelUVA program is continuing to grow with over 2000 airline tickets booked to date. Travel labs are offered monthly and can be found in Learner Home if you or are interested in attending. 

PSDS also congratulates staff members Kevin Crabtree, Carrie McGowan, Meredith Dixon, Charles Kidd, and Shannon Wampler, who recently completed the “Leading a Lean Transformation” workshop taught by Darden professor Elliot Weiss.  

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