Thursday, October 27, 2016

TravelUVA Prepares to Roll Out Expense

Testing starts in November for the Expense management software platform, Chrome River, with a go-live target date of March 20, 2017.   Training will take place on an as-needed basis through webinars, on-line training tools, schools and major budget unit subject matter experts, and hands on labs after go live. 

To ensure all users receive the support they need to transition to a new expensing process, all schools and major business units will assign subject matter experts to test the system and train with PSDS.  These individuals will become the first line of defense for users needing assistance in their areas after go-live.

Chrome River will use the Recon@ hierarchy for its basic workflow. This will greatly reduce the monthly Recon@ efforts as the work will be performed at the time of the transaction instead of during the monthly reconciliation period. Users should find that the new system streamlines and provides greater clarity on the overall expense management process by providing one method for expensing T&E card transactions and employee reimbursements. Chrome River will allow for individual or batch processing of expenses, electronic record keeping of receipts, and electronic approvals. This automation of our current paper-based approach will ensure consistency of the expense process across UVA, enhance audit functionality, and increase analysis capabilities.

If you have questions about Expense or anything related to TravelUVA, contact the Travel Team, or leave a comment below!

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