Friday, January 20, 2017

What's on your mind? UVAFinance launching online suggestion box

UVAFinance’s core values include commitments to collaboration and to valued and high-performing teams.  While we hope that you’re sharing your questions, feedback, and suggestions within your teams and departments, we also realize that sometimes, in the rush of day to day business, it can be hard for your insights and thoughts to come to the surface.

Instead of installing a physical suggestion box to sit in a dusty corner, we’ve made an anonymous online suggestion box available for UVAFinance team members’ use.  Your questions and great ideas about anything related to UVAFinance are welcome and encouraged.

  •       All messages will be considered and shared with a person who has the ability to address them.
  •       Questions, ideas, process improvement suggestions, etc., are all welcome.
  •       If you want a response sent directly to YOU, you must include your name.  Otherwise, anonymous submissions are just fine. 
  •       There is no response feature within the online program.  Some questions/ideas will be addressed in the blog, some in departmental meetings, and so on.
    Access the suggestion box here.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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