Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ZOOM to your next meeting

Mike Hayton, LSP for UVAFinance, demonstrates
the ease of setting up a Zoom meeting in Carr-1.

Booking meeting rooms. Finding parking. Making time in schedules for travel. Juggling availability. 

Traditional meetings can be a drain on time and resources.

Thankfully, we now have a new tool to facilitate collaboration (in addition to Skype for Business): Zoom.

UVAFinance is currently piloting Zoom Video Conferencing software. Although not enough individual Zoom licenses are currently available for everyone, some users within Finance are currently trying out the software, and anyone can go into Carr-1 and Carr-2 to use Zoom.

Zoom can be used to hold meetings with remote colleagues, as well as colleagues across Grounds. According to Finance LSPs, the software is thoughtfully-designed and user-friendly, and use is growing quickly at UVA.

To use Zoom in Carr-1 and 2, the meeting host can use the computer and camera equipment in the conference room. You need only know the email addresses of those you’d like to invite to the meeting. Invitees don’t have to be current Zoom users to join the meeting. Finance LSPs are installing laminated instructions in the meeting room so you can quickly and easily set up your Zoom meeting.

Interested in using Zoom? Want to know more? Contact Mike Hayton or Linda Estepp.

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