Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New Finance Matters Podcasts

Patty and Brandi have been busy in the recording studio (okay, so it's a conference room) producing new episodes of UVAFinance’s podcast, Finance Matters. You can catch up on the newest episodes on iTunes or via the PodBean page.  The newest pods are listed in this post for your convenience.

Upcoming episodes will feature guests from FEAP and the Center for Contemplative Sciences. 

If you have ideas for podcast topics or guests, please email Brandi or Patty!

Dealing with Changes – Each of us have personal reasons that cause us to resist change. Identifying those causes is the first step in moving forward.

Listen here: Dealing with Changes

Lean Concepts with guests Jack Jensen and Danielle Hancock – Learn about the basics of Lean principles and thinking and why everybody likes it so much. (Hint: It’s because it’s really practical and useful for both our work and home lives!)

Listen here: Lean Concepts

Lessons from UVAForward with guests Thomas Kim and Erika Priddy -- Besides getting a behind the scenes look at the planning and execution of UVA’s premier professional staff conference, this conversation also reveals the great talents and expertise of our colleagues.

Listen here: Lessons from UVAForward

So Much to Learn, So Little Time: guest Linda Leshowitz talks about how to balance learning new things with your already busy life, and how to cope when you have too much to learn.

Listen here: So Much to Learn, So Little Time

Build Your Confidence: Whether you’re a manager or not, you’re a leader, and all of us would certainly like more confidence as leaders. In this pod, Patty and Brandi discuss six steps to becoming more confident as a leader.

Listen here: Build Your Confidence

Patty also did a Facebook Live event on this topic with MSBCoach. View it here!

Who Moved My Cheese? Patty and Brandi discuss UVAFinance’s latest Book Club selection. Whether you read the book or not (or attended Book Club or not), this discussion of how we work toward goals and what motivates us will be helpful to listeners during times of change.

Listen here: Who Moved My Cheese?

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