Friday, August 3, 2018

New custom order feature makes planning a catered event easier!

Planning a catered event is complicated.

UVA Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services just made it a little easier.

If your department has specific catering needs that don't always conform to the America to Go catalog's ordering options, we have good news!

America To Go has provided UVA a solution to reduce the hassle of catering orders and to make organizing a complicated event less complicated. This new custom order feature:
  • Allows anyone -- even planners without Marketplace access -- to place a custom catering order directly with the caterer.
  • The caterer enters the quote into the UVA Marketplace, and the fiscal administrator (identified by the planner) is notified by email to process the order.
  • It's a simple and flexible ordering process designed to make your next catered event easier to manage! To learn how to use this feature, please click on the guide below.

To learn how to use this feature, please see:

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