Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Latest on BudgetUVA

The FP&A team recently led the Phase One launch of a new web form called BudgetUVA, designed to allow users to manage their operating budgets more easily and effectively. A cross-functional team with members from IT Enterprise Applications and CACS has been working together with FP&A for several months on this project, with many positive outcomes.

The project has also proven to be more complex than originally planned. BudgetUVA has interacted with both UBI and Recon@ in unexpected ways, as many of you may have encountered.

We realize that many of you rely on these tools daily to manage your fiscal activities, and are working quickly to resolve the issues you may have experienced. 

This is an opportunity for us to improve the way we coordinate and manage projects, especially as we approach Finance Strategic Transformation. We are planning a formal "lessons learned"/retrospective within the next few weeks. These meetings will include representation from UBI, Recon@, ITS EA/CACS teams, as well as functional leaders for Recon@ and school/unit representatives. We will share with you what we learn as a result of this process.


Updates, Info, and Questions: 

For the latest on  Recon@ impacts, please visit the ReconUVA website.
The UBI Community will post updates on budget reporting impacts.
For questions/concerns on BudgetUVA, please email 

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