Thursday, October 11, 2018

Microsoft Teams: Kristin Floyd's User Story

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Efficiency in Communications, Empowered to Share

by Kristin Floyd

I am currently using Microsoft Teams to administer, track and store all of the various projects the new Strategic Procurement Group is working on in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.

Kristin Floyd of PSDS
This tool assists in our communications with our managers as they are able to go into the tool and review our projects at any time. It also gives us one platform to record information on our progress so that if any of our projects are interconnected, we can review their status without having to track each other down for a status update.

In addition, we are able to have a dedicated conversation board that tracks important ideas, notes, or discussions that we want to be able to search for and retrieve easily at a later date.
How many times have you thought – “but we discussed that at X-meeting already” but don’t have notes to prove it? Teams gives you a searchable Notebook to keep all your meeting notes.
Plus when we are doing research on the current manufacturing markets or reviewing strategy that other Universities used for a specific procurement we can store all that information in Teams as a Wiki or OneNote so that others in the team can see that information and share their research too.

Ultimately, Teams has made us more efficient in our sharing of information and our collaborations. It helps to empower me and those around me with information.

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