Friday, February 15, 2019

Personal Wellness Expo: You don't want to miss it!

Hey UVAFinance!  We hope you're making plans to drop by the Personal Wellness Expo on Tuesday, February 19, from 1:30 - 3:30 in Carr 1&2.    Event organizers have worked hard to bring groups from all across Grounds who can share with you information and resources that will help you have a healthy 2019 and beyond.

We sat down with two of the team members working to bring you this event to learn more about what folks can expect next week at UVAFinance's first Personal Wellness Expo:

Where did the idea of a Personal Wellness Expo come from? 

Stacey Rittenhouse:  It came from a Carruthers Hall  Manager’s meeting, where needs for the building are discussed.  The group was talking about safety needs, and Judy Divita liked the idea of some kind of safety fair, so we built off of that idea into a wellness expo that included safety.

Brenda Nalley:  Safety and well-being do go hand in hand – safety is definitely a part of our well-being.  Every group we pulled together for the expo is focused on your overall health, safety, or security -- it just made sense!  

Which of those groups are you most excited about, personally?

BN:  There are so many resources on Grounds we may not know exist.  Personally,  I’m so glad the library’s coming.  When I started working on a recent project, I had to do a lot of research and wasn't sure which of the many books out there would be a good resource for us. I found out I could go online and create an account and read the book online so I knew whether or not it was something we should purchase.  Any book is available at the library physically, but the library has a lot of e-books that are technical and business-related that we can access at any time.  

SR:  I'm glad the Office of Emergency Preparedness is joining us.  One thing they're going to talk about is the automated external defibrillators we have hanging on our walls,  and getting people signed up to learn how to use them.  That's knowledge we really need!

BN:  I'm also looking forward to learning more from Rec Sports.  I think they offer so much outside of just going to the gym:  canoeing, paddleboarding, and even paddleboard yoga.  I want to know more about those adventurous types of things.  

SR:  It's also great that Ben Rexroad from University Police is coming. He's such a dynamic educator -- people always learn a lot from him.

What else can people look forward to at the Expo? 

BN:  We have some cool demonstrations in addition to information -- the Center for Contemplative Sciences is going to be in the coffee area showing people how to do chair yoga.  BeWell will be here, too, and we have lots of groups that will help UVAFinance with other ways they can consider work/life balance.

Sounds great!  Anything else people should know?

SR: We'll have cookies :)  Come and grab one, walk around the room and chat, and see things at your leisure.  We have 14 tables that will be set up; it's' going to be a lot of fun, and a lot of information.

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