Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Financial Planning & Analysis welcomes Brian Logwood

FP&A welcomes Brian Logwood to their team in the role of Senior Director of Budget and Financial Planning.  In this newly-created role, Logwood will work with UVA schools and units identifying, projecting, allocating, and managing resources, in addition to assisting with the management of the University Financial Model.

Brian Logwood and family
Logwood comes to UVA from the Department of Planning and Budget for the Commonwealth of Virginia, where he was Associate Director.  Prior to that position, he served as Budget Director for the Virginia Department of Education.

It was his experience in the Department of Education (DOE) that drove Logwood to pursue the opening with FP&A.  At the DOE,  Logwood worked with the Commonwealth's 136 school divisions to get them moving in the same direction and achieving results, and, as he explains it, it was being able to see the results of his efforts that made the job satisfying.

"I enjoyed my more policy-focused work at the Department of Planning and Budget," he says, "but I am excited that at UVA, I'll be able to see the results of our team's work as we interact with the 11 -soon to be 12- schools."

Logwood, who holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree from Virginia Tech, also appreciates UVA's focus on continuous improvement. Since his arrival in UVAFinance, he has been recruited to join the Continuous Improvement Committee because of that interest and his associated background and training.  

His initial encounter with the committee, he admits, was sheerly by accident, a matter of mistaken meeting-room identity.  The mistake proved to be serendipitous, however, and Logwood says he's glad to be plugged into the Finance Strategic Transformation scene within UVAFinance.

Logwood and his wife Tara have two daughters:  Sarah, 13, and Kayla, 11.

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