Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Bring your Special Interest to UVAFinance

Special interests allow us all to flower at work!

Are you a knitter who'd like to take an afternoon break to stitch with like-minded colleagues?  A wellness newbie interested in exploring meditation during the workday?  Someone new to the area who'd like to learn more about restaurants in the area with established Charlottesville foodies?  Or maybe you're just looking for a few colleagues to take a walk with you before lunch? 

UVAFinance's Culture Crew wants to help!  

We invite our talented team to bring their special interests, talents, and hobbies to the workplace via our Special Interest Group Team.

Composed of Mara Hilliar, Devin Foster, Brian Logwood, and Ruth Parcells, this group's purpose is to connect you to the resources you need to organize a group around your interest.  They'll help connect you with mail lists, rooms, resources, marketing, and assist in providing guidelines for a successful special interest group in our workplace.

What kinds of activities might be "special interests"?  Any of the ones listed above, but also things like photography, sports, painting, board games, video game groups, book clubs (different than our existing UVAFinance Book Club), or they could be centered around sessions you want to lead, topics you want to teach about, or even topics you want to learn about.  They could be held during lunch or breaks, or before or after working hours.   The possibilities are endless!

If you have something you'd like to share with the group, contact the Special Interest Group Team today, and they'll give you the right resources to help you flower in your niche so that our whole community flourishes.

Want to join the Special Interest Group Team?  They'd love to have you join them!  Just contact one of the members named above.

Check out this Harvard Business Review article on the benefits of employees bringing their special interests to work.

Read more about the Culture Crew here. 

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