Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Check it out: What's going on in the Community

As we prepare for Phase 2: Readiness of Finance Strategic Transformation, you may be wondering if the issues you've noticed and the pain points you've experienced have been taken into account by the FST project team and the many stakeholder groups with whom we've partnered.

This spring, we held a "Greenhouse Workshop" with our partners to make sure we were all on the same page in terms of vision, scope, and objectives, and that we were clear on the needs of the schools and units and how this project can help them.  You can check out the barriers, pockets of pain, and thoughts shared by your colleagues and leaders on the slides posted here:  https://ubicommunity.virginia.edu/docs/DOC-1762?sr=stream&ru=2067

Remember, we want to hear from you (actually, it's more like we NEED to hear from you)!

If you aren't sure an issue you've identified is represented currently as a part of FST, please reach out to us.  You can always comment directly in the community (respond as a comment under the link above, or share a question or idea), you can email financetransformation@virginia.edu, or you can reach out to FST leadership/VP Finance leadership directly.

 Don't be a stranger in the online community in the online community -- we post slides from every meeting there, as well as classes, professional development content, and more!

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