Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hess brings Hyper-Learning to UVA Forward 2019

Ed Hess

The Digital Age will transform how we live and how we work. The pace and magnitude of the changes that are coming will require Humans to continuously learn, unlearn and relearn at the pace of technological change. That learning will have to be fast and high quality. That is Hyper-Learning.

Achieving Hyper-Learning will require many organizations and many people to adopt a New Way of Working – new mindsets, behaviors, and processes. This talk with Darden Professor, Ed Hess, will explore that New Way of Working and the types of teams that will be necessary to optimize Hyper-Learning.

- Session Description for "Hyper-Learning: Human Excellence in the Digital Age," scheduled for UVA Forward this June

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 If you're interested in staying relevant in your career and meeting the needs of your stakeholders, consider Ed Hess's breakout session, "Hyper-Learning:  Human Excellence in the Digital Age" offered at UVA Forward this June.

Hess is Professor of Business Administration, Batten Faculty Fellow and Batten Executive-in-Residence at the Darden School of Business.  He's the author of 12 books, over 130 articles, and over 60 Darden cases dealing with growth, innovation and learning cultures, systems and processes.  The common theme of his work is high individual and organizational performance.  

"We are on the leading edge of a technology tsunami - the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Nanotechnology, etc. -- that will transform how we live and work," says Hess.

And that, he says, requires the fast, high-quality learning he calls Hyper-Learning.

Hess's concept of hyper-learning is fascinating and has galvanized groups ranging from students and executives to the United States Navy and government entities.

Although those of us in academia are used to a certain amount of "transformation" and change, Hess's concepts are more comprehensive and come from a more human angle.   A Hyper-Learning organization, he says, involves a major transformation at the very foundation of the existing system, including changes that address cultural, structural, managerial, and leadership models, as well as changes to processes in order to enable the uniquely human capabilities that can't be matched by technology. 

"A new type of organization will be needed in many cases -- a community of people that is more humanistic, people-centric, and designed to enable the highest levels of human emotional, cognitive and behavioral performance."

Check out Hess's session and the entire UVA Forward 2019 schedule here: https://forward.virginia.edu/
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