Thursday, August 22, 2019

Finance Transformation News

Explaining the Phases of Finance Transformation

If you're like many of us, you've wondered about the "phases" of Finance Strategic Transformation.  As we move forward with Phase 2, you may not be sure what "readiness" means, or how it's different than what we did in Phase 1, or what we'll do in Phase 3.  James Gorman gives us a helpful analogy in this CommunityHub piece that simplifies all the phases.  Check it out, because we need your help to build this thing!

OSP goes on Grants Management Fact-Finding Mission for FST

At the end of July, a team from the Office of Sponsored Programs (Stewart Craig, Kristy Hall, Vonda Durrer, and Urmila Bajaj) went on a fact-finding mission to Yale University, to discover more about Yale's transition to Workday Financials. The OSP team were treated to a system demonstration, answers to their burning questions about Workday and grants management, and, most importantly, received candid feedback about lessons learned that can benefit UVA. OSP returned to UVA with a sense of enthusiasm for FST, and is pledging a significant commitment of time and resources to the initiative. Read more about their visit and read Yale's "Lessons Learned" on CommunityHub.

What else has been going on?  Check out these new CommunityHub posts to stay in the know!


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