Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Procurement donates valuable points to Virginia Non-Profits

Through the University contract with The Supply Room Company, we earn points through HP's "PurchasEdge" loyalty program.  We're able to trade these points for free printers that we can share with the University community (read more on the blog here!)  

We try to use these points internally if at all possible, but, from time to time, the some of the points we accrue expire, much like your grocery store fuel points. Rather than let these leftover points expire, Procurement donates them to other nonprofit agencies that participate in PurchasEdge.

This summer, we were able to donate 36,000 points to Fairfax County Public Schools and Child Development Associates.   Those organizations will be able to trade the donated points for much-needed printers, scanners, and other supplies offered through HP's program.  

Procurement accrues HP points regularly, so if your department is in need of a printer, contact Kristin Floyd in PSDS.  

GREEN TIP:  Remember that even if your older printer is still functional, it may be costing you substantially in energy dollars.  Older office equipment is less energy efficient, costs more to operate, can be loud, and can even generate enough heat to cause you to have to adjust your thermostat to compensate!

UVA has nearly 200 printers over 8 years old -- replacing all of them would reduce printer energy usage to their departments by 67%!

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