Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Moving & Relocation One-Time Payment Process Changes

The new Workday business process for moving and relocation assistance were launched on September 3. You can see the new policy, HRM-047, on the UVA policy website here:https://uvapolicy.virginia.edu/policy/HRM-047. The policy authorizes and the Workday business process enables both initiation of one-time cash payments (one-time payment type “Relocation – Taxable”) or recording payments made by the department to third-party suppliers (e.g., moving companies) on an employee’s behalf (one-time payment type “Moving and Relocation – Non-Cash – Taxable”); both types are taxable benefits to the employee and must be recorded in Workday to ensure appropriate taxes are withheld.

The One Time Payment job aid has been updated to reflect the new Workday process and can be accessed via the header in the One Time Payment business process. You can also access this and other useful job aids from Workday help (click on your photo in the top right hand corner of your screen in Workday and click on “help”) or directly from the UHR website (https://workday.hr.virginia.edu/job-aids).  See also https://hr.virginia.edu/hrm-047  for more information (requires NetBadge).

Please contact AskHR if you have questions or concerns:  434.243.3344 AskHR@virginia.edu

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