Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Cash Out, Remote In!

Cash payments - and the trip across Grounds to the cashier's office to deposit them - are on the decline as a part of the Cashless Grounds initiative that began as a Cornerstone Project.

In the past few months, Cashless Grounds project team member Brenda Nalley of UVAFinance has visited around 20 departments in UVA's schools and units to set up remote depositing and train new users.

Before the first remote deposit can be made, however, a good amount of collaboration goes on behind the scenes, involving team members from Financial Operations, Enterprise Applications, and the Department of Treasury. After access tables have been assembled in Oracle, CashPro has been set up with Bank of America, and scanners have been sent to the department, it's time for a quick training session.

Nalley says it only takes a couple of hours with each department to go over instructions regarding records management and policies, hook up the software, set up the right account routing, and then give the system a whirl with an initial check.

"I train two or three groups a week," says Nalley, adding that her work on the project has allowed her to visit more of Grounds than she ever thought possible. Her training excursions have taken her to the Office of the President, Property & Risk Management, the University Press, the Virginia Film Festival, the School of Medicine, and many more locations. 

Sam Cash, who handles client services at the front desk of the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services, is a recent recipient of a remote deposit scanner, which he says was very easy to learn and use.  

"It saves me about 30 minutes a day running across the bank," says Cash, adding that once the weather gets colder he'll enjoy his scanner even more.  

"It's very easy to use and there is always someone available if you have questions.  If anyone is on the fence about using it, I say do it!"

The goal to "go cashless" by 2019 means that anyone who deposits expenditure credits or checks will need a scanner as soon as possible. Student Financial Services will switch to a cashless system this November.

If you have questions or would like to get set up for remote deposit, reach out to Brenda!

Read more about Cashless Grounds & Remote Deposit on the UVAFinance blog.

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