Advancement: Providing Refreshers After Go-Live

Westley du Pont is one of the first to admit that if she doesn’t have the opportunity to practice a new skill she’s been taught, she’ll forget it pretty quickly. 

Because she knows most people are in the same boat as she is, du Pont, Administrative Staff Assistant in University Advancement and ExpenseUVA Ambassador, decided early on that she wanted to pay special attention to the part of the rollout that came after go-live.

“I learn better by doing,” she said, and although she and her fellow Ambassadors had provided many opportunities for Advancement staff to “get in the sandbox” and recreate travel workbooks and do T&E Card logs during earlier in the year, she knew her colleagues would forget a lot of what they learned between the closing of the ExpenseUVA test environment and go-live.

To address this, du Pont and her Ambassadors have made available several open sessions in computer labs after go-live, so that people can come in and work through transactions with Ambassadors’ expert guidance.  They’ve also scheduled a brown bag lunch for every Wednesday for four weeks after go-live, so people can come ask questions.

du Pont says most staff in Advancement are on board with the rollout, because even though the amount of work may be the same, it’s done in an easier way, and there’s definitely less paper to keep track of.  For her travelers, the ability to start the reimbursement process from the road is especially alluring. 

Between now and the big day, du Pont is handling fine details that will make the process smoother for everyone, such as having the Chrome River email added to the scanner in their office so that receipts can be emailed in to the system at the same time they’re scanned.

She and the other Ambassadors are standing by for the questions that will surely come after April 17.
 “We’ve done lots of training, but we know when people start logging in, they’re going to call us for help,” she said. 

“ExpenseUVA is intuitive enough that most will pick it up fairly quickly, and the training produced by Outreach & Compliance is great, too, and we’re going to be there to help.  We’ve told people not to stress out about working with the new system, because you can’t break anything!”


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