Tuesday, June 9, 2020

FST Update: Going live July 1, 2022!

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New go-live date:  July 1, 2022!
This will allow UVA to focus on the pandemic situation at hand while ensuring quality outcomes and true transformation.   Thank you to the many of you who provided candid thoughts and concerns about the timeline when the FST team asked for your feedback.

Architect sessions have wrapped up --- over 45 of them in 12 functional areas– and we’re moving on to the next step in the process:  the construction of configuration workbooks. A configuration workbook is a blueprint for how we build the Workday Financials Tenant.  The configuration workbooks contain all the specifications identified for how we want Workday to work for us here at UVA.  The team will build the first configuration, then meet with end-users.  Their feedback will be used to build a second version of the tenant, and then we’ll pull end-users together again for feedback. Read more here. 

The Project team announced its first decision made with the RAPID process. The team had been seeking input from governance groups and stakeholder groups regarding the choice between keeping our current expensing system in Chrome River or switching to the expense module within Workday financials.  Project sponsor Melody Bianchetto signed off on the ultimate choice to go with Workday Expenses after weighing the input and advice from our partners.  Read more here. 

Both sides of the Grants Management Team, the functional side and the data side, have been working with their colleagues on the FDM team to move the Grants management module forward.  The team has been very excited about the functionality built into the module, and they’re looking forward to sharing their progress and enthusiasm with the research administration community.  Read more here. 

Over in the gifts and endowments area, the team has decided to keep our legacy system, Fundriver, instead of using Workday Financials for endowment management, mainly because UVIMCO’s current processes mean that Workday Financials wouldn’t’ be able to calculate fees properly.   The team is still looking at ways they can integrate the two tools to make jobs easier and data more accessible, however.  Read more on the Online Community.

On the Adaptive Insights front, we reported last week that the AI team has been very busy, meeting with schools and units.   Very soon they will have familiarized everyone with AI, and by June 16, schools and units will be using AI to validate their FY21 budget, filling in detail.  The AI team is working with the FST training team to support schools and units during the transition – check the FST webpage for details on resources and office hours.

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