Thursday, September 24, 2020

FST Updates



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Configure & Prototype: The project team is configuring the system according to what our stakeholders have specified in terms of functionality and capability.  They're converting current Oracle data into the new chart design and loading that data into the system so that later this autumn, we’ll get to see UVA data with the UVA chart inside Workday Financials  After all this time, we’ll finally have the first tenant build, and people will get to see how processes work within the system. It’s important to realize that this won’t be every bit of UVA data, here in the first tenant – it will be a healthy cross-section that will accurately represent what most people will experience in the system.  Read more from James Gorman in CommunityHub.

The Adaptive Team is hard at work with budget colleagues in UVAFinance and across Grounds to start the FY22 budget process.  They’re using all the things they learned in the FY21 revised budget process to make this a good experience for all involved.  Read this update from Elissa Morton in CommunityHub.

The Reporting and Analytics Team are continuing discussion with other functional leads within the project tto review and analyze reporting user stories for supplier accounts, internal service providers, accounts payable, procurement, purchasing, and expense.

The Technical Team has completed data scope analysis for suppliers and sub-recipients conversions and has begun supplier extracts modifications to support subrecipients conversion.

The Spend Focus Group has kicked off and are working on topics such as purchase order receiving, requisitioning, supplier management, invoice routing and approval, and so much more. We’ll link to a blog piece in the show notes where you can read more about their work and learn who from your area is participating in the group.

FDM:  Nicole Ferretti shared some more context around converting the current chart of accounts to the FDM at a recent Fiscal Administrator’s meeting.  She remarked on how, since our current chart is very flexible, we can’t just convert the fields into the FDM on a one to one basis.  The team is looking at each of our PTAEO strings and determining how they fit in the new FDM.  If you’d like to hear more about this, check out Ferretti's presentation at the September 16 Fiscal Administrator meeting found here

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