Thursday, April 15, 2021

Five Things to Know About FST: April 15, 2021


1.  The FDM Mapping Tool will be available in July.  At that point, FDM mapping activities will begin in earnest and will continue until March of 2022.  Read more about FDM activities here and here.

2.  The Workflow Controls and Approvals Workstream is up and moving!  This new workstream within the project is beginning work on roles and approvals in business processes and considerations related to the workflow of transactions in Workday.  Read more in the FST Update.

3. Adaptive 3.0 is the version of the budgeting tool that will integrate with Workday Financials.  The Adaptive team is working hard with partners across Grounds to make sure users have everything they need when the July 2022 go-live date arrives.  More on that here.

4.  Reporting and Analytics has also set their sights on being ready on day one when we go live with Workday Financials.  They'll have everything you need for day-to-day reporting and they'll keep building as we learn the new tool.  Read more here. 

5. The next round of Customer Confirmation Sessions is set for June of 2021.  More details will come soon.  We go live with Workday Financials in July of 2022 (1 year, 2 months, and 2 weeks from now!).

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