Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Sneak Peek FAQs

After the first round of Customer Confirmation sessions, Change Leaders from across Grounds hosted "sneak peek" sessions in their areas so that more people could get a glimpse of the first build of UVA's Workday Financials tenant. 

The result was lots of great questions (244 to be exact).  Many of those questions could be answered during the sneak peek sessions, but about 35% are still yet to be addressed.  The Change Management Team is working on getting answers to those and on sharing answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

This week, we thought we'd share three of the most frequently asked questions from those 244, along with answers.  Watch for more in the next blog digest!

What will happen to historic data?

FST will not map and convert data from the past 3-5 years from the Enterprise Data Warehouse, but that data will still be accessible via UBI.   Read more about this.

What is the timeline for training? 

We are about a year out from the delivery of training, but the training team has a plan in place that includes multiple modalities, practical exercises, and more!  Read the team's latest update here. 

Is there a crosswalk available between the PTAO and FDM worktags?  

The mapping exercises that each school and unit does will provide the most complete correlation of PTAO to FDM (read more about that here).  In the meantime, you can get a good sense of the FDM worktags here:  


We'll catalog all FAQs on the Finance Strategic Transformation FAQ page.  See it here.

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