Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sneak Peek FAQs, Volume 2

 After the first round of Customer Confirmation sessions, Change Leaders from across Grounds hosted "sneak peek" sessions in their areas so that more people could get a glimpse of the first build of UVA's Workday Financials tenant. 

The result was lots of great questions (244 to be exact).  Many of those questions could be answered during the sneak peek sessions, but about 35% are still yet to be addressed.  The Change Management Team is working on getting answers to those and on sharing answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

This week, we answer three more of these questions.  Check out the first round of questions and answers from the last blog digest.

What will happen to UBI?

UBI will still be around!  Even though Workday Financials will be your new main source for day-to-day financial reporting and transactions, UBI will still be used for student finance and records, as a repository for large volume data sets, etc.  Read more on UBI's future use here and here.

Is RECON@ going away?

You've probably heard that the project team has been focused on building in real-time approvals on the front end, and reducing the need for detailed month-end reconciliations.  In that sense, yes, we're trying to move away from RECON@.  At the same time, we realize that RECON@ also functions for many as a reporting tool and a way to check in a month-end.  We're also trying to provide the kind of reports and processes that will give people what they need for certification and monitoring transactions for compliance.  So, in short, we're not looking into just getting rid of RECON@, but also at providing the back end internal controls that are needed.

What will it be like to work with receipts in Workday Expenses?

People had lots of questions about how Workday Expenses would function when it comes to receipts, compared to Chrome River.  Here's the latest on the top questions asked about this: 

  • Do we know more about Workday's plans to release functionality that allows for email uploading of receipts to Expenses?  This functionality has not been released as yet, but they're making great progress on it.  We'll share when they have a release date. 
  • Can you have the receipt open as you fill out the expense report so that you can easily itemize accounts?  No, this will be a lot like what we experience in Chrome River today.  You can open the receipt as a pdf or open Workday twice in order to work off of the document, but you cannot open the receipt within the expense report as you work.
  • What will auto-fill on the receipts?  If you scan your receipt in through Workday's mobile app, the date, amount, currency, and merchant should autocomplete.  

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