Thursday, April 13, 2023

What to do When Workday isn't Working

The month of April has been rocky so far in terms of system outages.  Whether it's Workday, Jaeggar, or Adaptive, we've had our share of ups and downs.  When you can't do your work, it's very frustrating, and the only thing you need more than for it to be fixed is knowledge.

Here's where to go for system outage info: 
  • The UVAFinance System / Status page:  You can get there from the blue ribbon at the top of every page on our website, or by clicking "systems-status" at the top of the homepage (or, here's a direct link).  This page lists Workday Finance's known issues, Finance Systems Status, and UVAFinance Webpage issues.  When issues arise, we try to update this page as soon as possible and keep it updated as much as possible.  These updates are for minor performance issues.  If a system is down in a fashion that completely STOPS work University-wide, we go to the next step, an emergency notification banner on the website (see below).
  • An Emergency Notification Banner on the UVAFinance Website:  This is usually red in color and will appear on every page of the UVAFinance website and will describe the outage in as much detail as possible, with updates as frequently as possible. 
We are currently working on a cross-platform, integrated response with our partners across Grounds so that the notification process will be smoother for you, our users. We'll be sure to share this with you in the future!

For now, when you notice an issue with Workday Financials or another finance system, please feel free to call Ask Finance at 434-924-3400.  When you reach out to us via phone, that enables us to quickly make sure our functional teams are aware of the outage and can work with our vendors as needed to get a fix in place as soon as possible.  

Thank you for being willing to work with us.  We'll never be able to avoid all the ups and downs, but together we can make them easier for everyone to navigate.

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