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UVAFinance colleagues had the opportunity to tour the Mechanical Engineering Building recently as a part of the "Get Grounded" series of field trips.

Check out photos from their visit on Flickr.


Contributed by Patrick Wood

As a part of UVAFinance’s initiative to go beyond Carruthers Hall’s fa├žade, several staff members got Grounded in the University Community at John Paul Jones Arena. We were exposed to the inner workings of how the building is used beyond athletics, saw the men’s basketball practice court, locker room, media relations center, Courtside Club, dining facilities, learning center, basketball hall of fame, and the President’s Suite. Our perspective of the building, those who manage, SMG, work and utilize the venue, was broadened.  We accomplished our departmental goal of augmenting our knowledge of UVA’s Grounds and the impact of those who contribute to the University community in variant capacities.

Our next journey will be in September… More information is forthcoming.
If you have suggestions about departments, buildings we should visit, please feel free to contact me, Danielle Hancock, or Connie Alexander.

We look forward to seeing you around Grounds!

UVAFinance Town Hall 3/12/2019

Current Culture Crew members: 

Sarah Doran, Lynne Schwar, Danielle Hancock, Andrew Bedotto, Patty Marbury, Brandi Van Ormer, Linda Estepp, James Gorman

Opportunities to participate in UVAFinance's Culture

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Engagement Volunteer Opportunities

Have an idea for an activity that isn't listed?  Let us know -- new activity ideas are welcome!

* Annual holiday party planning – start in October for December party. Time commitment: not over one meeting per week until day of event; one hour per week for tasks; two to three hours on event date; minimal post-event wrap up. Minimum # of people on planning committee: 8

* Employee Appreciation Breakfast – start in August for October event: two hours max catering discussion and ordering; one hour room setup/teardown; Powerpoint presentation time varies – soliciting photos and accomplishments can take several hours (max 8 hr total collective effort). Minimum # of people: 3

* Spring Fling – May: two hours max catering discussion and ordering; one hour to plan setup/teardown. Minimum # of people: 1-2, plus day of event setup help

* Cookoff/Bakeoff (State of the Union content provided)– April 10th, Approximately 3 hours per committee member planning (theme creation/solicitation of entrants/ categories and prizes etc.). This can vary. Minimum # of 3 people

* Fall CVC Event (in the past this has been the Cornhole tournament – report new ideas back to the leadership committee) – in conjunction with ITS and HR – October (earlier than traditional November date). Traditionally this has amounted to 4 hours involving signup, securing food trucks, setup, and breakdown, 2-3 hours involving scoring/brackets on day of event. Minimum # of people: 4.

* Finance Shirt Fridays – last Friday of each month. 3 hours per month maximum to send emails, coordinate/deliver prizes, secure discounts, etc. Minimum of 2 people.

* Lunch and Learns – monthly. Approximately 3 hours monthly of planning/coms plus setup/teardown.

* UVAFinance Book club – quarterly. Approximately 3 hours quarterly of planning/coms plus setup/teardown if necessary. Minimum # of people: 2

* “Get Grounded” events – field trips to places on Grounds – quarterly (?) Planning with the destination contact, logistics, marketing/communication; Approximately 3-4 hours quarterly (not including the trip itself); Minimum # of people: 4

* Day of Caring Leaders – July-September (?) – Planning, picking the projects, working with CVC, communication, attend meetings; Approximately 5-6 hours over the length of the project; Minimum # of people: 4

* Sports (IM Rec) – Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis (?), any other sport; planning, communication, reservation of field (if not with IM Rec), Approximately 1 hour a week during season, Minimum # of people: 1 person per sport

* Mindfulness events – chair massage, yoga, etc.; decide events, plan with people coming to help; communications, logistics; Approximately 1 hour per week; Minimum # of people: 1 per activity

* Pi Day Event (3.14 or as close as we can get to it). Help organize an activity on March 14th (or as close as we can get it). This can include a community service component. Minimum #of people: 2; Approximately 5 hours

Special Interest group – help organize special interest groups that will facilitate other networking events such as, Happy Hours, Game nights, or during work “time outs” – board games, knitting clubs, craft night, etc. The people that sign up for this group with help to organize these groups, but will not necessarily have to lead them. Approximately 1-2 hours a month; planning, logistics (soliciting ideas & finding leaders for each activity), communications; Minimum # of people: 2 (as well as 1 lead per activity – which the people on this committee can solicit).

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