Culture Crew

UVAFinance Town Hall 3/12/2019

Current Culture Crew members: 

Sarah Doran, Lynne Schwar, Danielle Hancock, Andrew Bedotto, Patty Marbury, Brandi Van Ormer, Linda Estepp, James Gorman

Opportunities to participate in UVAFinance's Culture

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Engagement Volunteer Opportunities

Have an idea for an activity that isn't listed?  Let us know -- new activity ideas are welcome!

* Annual holiday party planning – start in October for December party. Time commitment: not over one meeting per week until day of event; one hour per week for tasks; two to three hours on event date; minimal post-event wrap up. Minimum # of people on planning committee: 8

* Employee Appreciation Breakfast – start in August for October event: two hours max catering discussion and ordering; one hour room setup/teardown; Powerpoint presentation time varies – soliciting photos and accomplishments can take several hours (max 8 hr total collective effort). Minimum # of people: 3

* Spring Fling – May: two hours max catering discussion and ordering; one hour to plan setup/teardown. Minimum # of people: 1-2, plus day of event setup help

* Cookoff/Bakeoff (State of the Union content provided)– April 10th, Approximately 3 hours per committee member planning (theme creation/solicitation of entrants/ categories and prizes etc.). This can vary. Minimum # of 3 people

* Fall CVC Event (in the past this has been the Cornhole tournament – report new ideas back to the leadership committee) – in conjunction with ITS and HR – October (earlier than traditional November date). Traditionally this has amounted to 4 hours involving signup, securing food trucks, setup, and breakdown, 2-3 hours involving scoring/brackets on day of event. Minimum # of people: 4.

* Finance Shirt Fridays – last Friday of each month. 3 hours per month maximum to send emails, coordinate/deliver prizes, secure discounts, etc. Minimum of 2 people.

* Lunch and Learns – monthly. Approximately 3 hours monthly of planning/coms plus setup/teardown.

* UVAFinance Book club – quarterly. Approximately 3 hours quarterly of planning/coms plus setup/teardown if necessary. Minimum # of people: 2

* “Get Grounded” events – field trips to places on Grounds – quarterly (?) Planning with the destination contact, logistics, marketing/communication; Approximately 3-4 hours quarterly (not including the trip itself); Minimum # of people: 4

* Day of Caring Leaders – July-September (?) – Planning, picking the projects, working with CVC, communication, attend meetings; Approximately 5-6 hours over the length of the project; Minimum # of people: 4

* Sports (IM Rec) – Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis (?), any other sport; planning, communication, reservation of field (if not with IM Rec), Approximately 1 hour a week during season, Minimum # of people: 1 person per sport

* Mindfulness events – chair massage, yoga, etc.; decide events, plan with people coming to help; communications, logistics; Approximately 1 hour per week; Minimum # of people: 1 per activity

* Pi Day Event (3.14 or as close as we can get to it). Help organize an activity on March 14th (or as close as we can get it). This can include a community service component. Minimum #of people: 2; Approximately 5 hours

Special Interest group – help organize special interest groups that will facilitate other networking events such as, Happy Hours, Game nights, or during work “time outs” – board games, knitting clubs, craft night, etc. The people that sign up for this group with help to organize these groups, but will not necessarily have to lead them. Approximately 1-2 hours a month; planning, logistics (soliciting ideas & finding leaders for each activity), communications; Minimum # of people: 2 (as well as 1 lead per activity – which the people on this committee can solicit).

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