Thursday, June 15, 2017

ACDA adoption gives UVA the competitive advantage in research

The Office of Sponsored Programs is building upon UVA’s recent entrance into the Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA) by adopting the Accelerated Confidential Disclosure Agreement (ACDA). Both agreements can significantly shorten the time it takes to start up a clinical trial.

Developed using terms similar to the ACTA, the purpose of the ACDA is to streamline the contracting process when initiating studies with industry.

The ACDA is a pre-negotiated agreement that, when used, gives researchers access to protocols without the delays of confidentiality agreement negotiation. Access to that protocol is the first step in potentially initiating a clinical trial. Participation in clinical trials is increasingly very competitive so the reduction in start-up time can be a big advantage.

To learn more about accelerated research agreements such as ACDA and ACTA, visit

Contact Kristy Hall or Lynn Koplin in Sponsored Programs for more information on UVA’s participation.

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