Thursday, October 10, 2019

Finance Strategic Transformation Updates

Workshops galore!

Business Process Discovery Workshops (BPDs) are well underway.  The purpose of these workshops is to give stakeholders in functional areas an overview of what their business processes could look like in the Workday environment so that we can capture implementation concerns as we move toward Phase 3.  No decisions are made in these workshops -- in our analogy of building a house, these sessions are like looking at an artist's rendering of the house we're considering building, not the actual blueprints.

The project team is striving to get summaries of all of the BPDs in the online community -- as we staff up, this should happen more quickly.  As of now, you can see slides from all of the BPDs in the Community, and summaries of all will be posted soon.  Please do let us know if you have questions about anything you see/read!

A Frequently asked UBI question

People have been wondering about what will happen with UBI when Workday Financials is implemented.  We don't have a crystal clear picture of that yet, but Mark Anderson and Forrest Swope of the UBI team shared some thoughts in the Community that should help.  (The short answer, as Mark says, is that UBI, the Data Warehouse, and Workday's native reporting will all have an important role to play in our future reporting.)  Read more on the Community.

Why is everything so vague?  

What's up with the lack of specifics on FST? We've been getting asked a lot about why things regarding FST are so ambiguous.  Read on as James talks more about the process of FST and project of this scale:

Workday Rising

October 14-17, many FST project team members and colleagues from around UVA will attend Workday Rising in Orlando.  At this conference, we'll get to meet peers at other institutions with whom we can swap knowledge and experience, and hear from product and industry experts in sessions that will build our skills.  We're looking forward to this opportunity to learn and stretch so that we can make FST the best experience possible for the entire UVA community.  Look for Community posts from your colleagues who are attending!

Recap of this week in the Community: 

Slides from all BPDs
Thomas Schneeberger's update on the Chart of Accounts Workshops
UBI Question
What's up with the ambiguity?
Comments and questions are welcome in the online community, and here on the blog.

Visit FST on the web:

Email us at 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Cash Out, Remote In!

Cash payments - and the trip across Grounds to the cashier's office to deposit them - are on the decline as a part of the Cashless Grounds initiative that began as a Cornerstone Project.

In the past few months, Cashless Grounds project team member Brenda Nalley of UVAFinance has visited around 20 departments in UVA's schools and units to set up remote depositing and train new users.

Before the first remote deposit can be made, however, a good amount of collaboration goes on behind the scenes, involving team members from Financial Operations, Enterprise Applications, and the Department of Treasury. After access tables have been assembled in Oracle, CashPro has been set up with Bank of America, and scanners have been sent to the department, it's time for a quick training session.

Nalley says it only takes a couple of hours with each department to go over instructions regarding records management and policies, hook up the software, set up the right account routing, and then give the system a whirl with an initial check.

"I train two or three groups a week," says Nalley, adding that her work on the project has allowed her to visit more of Grounds than she ever thought possible. Her training excursions have taken her to the Office of the President, Property & Risk Management, the University Press, the Virginia Film Festival, the School of Medicine, and many more locations. 

Sam Cash, who handles client services at the front desk of the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services, is a recent recipient of a remote deposit scanner, which he says was very easy to learn and use.  

"It saves me about 30 minutes a day running across the bank," says Cash, adding that once the weather gets colder he'll enjoy his scanner even more.  

"It's very easy to use and there is always someone available if you have questions.  If anyone is on the fence about using it, I say do it!"

The goal to "go cashless" by 2019 means that anyone who deposits expenditure credits or checks will need a scanner as soon as possible. Student Financial Services will switch to a cashless system this November.

If you have questions or would like to get set up for remote deposit, reach out to Brenda!

Read more about Cashless Grounds & Remote Deposit on the UVAFinance blog.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Get Grounded Trip to Mechanical Engineering

UVAFinance colleagues had the opportunity to tour the Mechanical Engineering Building recently as a part of the "Get Grounded" series of field trips.

Check out photos from their visit on Flickr.

Get Grounded field trips are brought to you by the UVAFinance Culture Crew

Interested in getting involved?  Have an idea for a field trip?  Let us know by emailing 

UVAFinance 2019 Employee Achievements

On October 4, UVAFinance held its Annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast.  Here we present those employees recognized for their achievements in 2019. 

Service Awards recognized here.

Congratulations, all!

More Real ID Sessions Coming Soon!

There was a flood of interest in REAL IDs at the Travel Expo.

DMV Connect processed 56 transactions at the Travel Expo and we have 156 appointments booked for two additional upcoming dates. 

DMV Connect will be back at UVA in January and Travel & Expense will be sending an email sign-up out for those appointments as soon as the date is confirmed.

Travel & Expense plans to keep inviting them back as long as there is a demand for this service.

CVC: Giving online is easy!

You should be in receipt of your CVC envelope and giving cards. If you would like to give online, please use the following link:

Want to use your red CVC envelope instead?  Bring it to Patrick Wood's cubicle in Procurement. There's a white UVA Commonwealth of Virginia envelope in the first chair to the right as you enter. If you are located outside of Carruthers, please send through the interoffice mail to P.O. Box is 400202.

2019 CVC Event - October 25

Interested in participating in the bake sale and/or the cornhole tournament taking place during our annual CVC event on October 25?  Sign up here:

Blood Drive October 24

Don't forget: Open Enrollment October 7-18

Benefits Open Enrollment for 2020 began October 7 and runs through Friday, October 18.

Choosing benefits is a significant investment in your physical and financial well-being. UVA offers faculty, staff, and team members a variety of options, so you can customize your benefits to meet your unique needs. 

You can view plan changes and premiums at the Open Enrollment website before using the Benefits app in Workday to select your benefits for 2020.

Securing Highly Sensitive Data Classes required for UVAFinance

As you are aware, securing highly sensitive data is extremely important in today's high-tech world, especially for UVAFinance employees. It is critical for each one of us to be knowledgeable about how to secure highly sensitive data, including when it is appropriate to share data and how to do so. 

We have partnered with Kelly Downey from ITS to create and facilitate an instructor-led course, Securing Highly Sensitive Data that will provide you with the most up-to-date information and tools to protect the data you are working with. Completion of this course is mandatory for all UVAFinance employees. For those working remotely, a video will be made and available later.

Location: Carr 1&2

Duration: 1 hour

Offerings: Thursday, Oct. 17th at 2pm

Thursday, Oct. 17th at 3:30pm

Friday, Oct. 18th at 2pm

Friday, Oct. 18th at 3:30pm

Registration Link

If you have any questions, email

Tech Takeback: Recycle your electronics responsibly

Looking to clear out some space at your home or office? 

UVA's Information Technology Services and UVA's Sustainable IT Working Group are co-hosting the annual community “Tech Takeback” event on Friday, October 11th from 9 AM to 4 PM and Saturday, October 12th from 10 AM to 3 PM at The Park at North Grounds. 

 All members of the Charlottesville community are welcome to drop off their old or broken, personally owned electronics for free; everything will be properly recycled through E-Cycle Secure, a responsible electronics recycler used by UVA. 

If you need a certificate of destruction, the team can provide that as well. Just swing by The Park and staff will quickly collect your electronics and ensure their sustainable disposal. Please do not bring CRT or LCD flat panel television sets – these items are not accepted by E-Cycle Secure.