Thursday, July 25, 2019

What's going on with Finance Transformation?

Update on the Workday Adaptive Insights Pilot 

Check out Nicole Ferretti's post in CommunityHub about the AI Pilot.  The "Show and Tell" we were hoping to share this summer will come a little later, but the extra time will be worth it.

Phase 1:  A Look Back

We're moving into Phase 2 of the Transformation project, but what did we do in Phase 1?  Check out this high-level recap in CommunityHub, with links to deliverables.  This post will give you a better understanding of where we're going, via an examination of where we've been!

Coming to CommunityHub:  Your questions!

We've been gathering up questions from across Grounds about the project, Workday Financials, upcoming work on the chart of accounts, and so much more -- in the coming days, we'll post the questions and their answers to the Finance space in CommunityHub.  Keep your eyes peeled!

CommunityHub is an online, interactive resource for all things Finance Transformation.  In it, you can see every slide deck we've presented, view deliverables, check out timelines, ask questions, and share your ideas.

If you need help accessing CommunityHub or would like someone to come show your team/department how to use this resource, let us know!  You can reach out via -- we'd love to help.

Want to know more about Finance Strategic Transformation?  Check out our website!

UVAFinance Personnel Files

Click the image for a larger view.
Personnel Files is a UVAFinance Blog series in which we introduce a member of the Finance team so all can gain a greater understanding of how finance works at UVA.

Want to be featured?  Want to suggest someone to shine a spotlight on?  Email

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Curated playlists coming soon to LinkedIn Learning

Now that has transitioned to LinkedIn Learning, Finance Outreach & Compliance will be working to assemble new playlists.
Let us know if you have suggestions for playlist topics! 

Email us at 

How do you give back? Please share!

We're heading into the season where we celebrate giving:  the start of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, the approach of the Day of Caring.  And, through "Ours to Shape," President Ryan has invited us to think more deeply about community and service.

Scenes from last year's Day of Caring
Whether we take part in Day of Caring, give to CVC, or share our time, funds, and talents in other ways, the UVA community keeps busy volunteering, sharing, and helping out, no matter what the season.

We'd like to celebrate the way the UVAFinance team and our extended finance family this fall.  How are you active in your community?  What are some ways you give back?  We'll share your stories in an upcoming blog digest.  Pictures are also welcome!

Send stories and pictures to by August 30!

Save the Date: UVAFinance Fall CVC Event!

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) starts this October.  Not only will those familiar red envelopes be appearing, but also, UVAFinance will host our traditional CVC Kickoff Event.

Watch for more information, but save the date now!

UVA launches free mobile safety app

The new UVA LiveSafe app is available to download now on Google Play and the App Store!

This app has several great features to keep you safe:
  • a robust platform for finding UVA safety resources, all in one place
  • reporting tips to UVA police – even anonymously
  • contacting emergency services around the world
  • inviting contacts to virtually “walk” with you
  • receiving UVA Alerts and
  • receiving targeted notifications based on location.
  • the app is available without cost to everyone, everywhere.

Please see for more information, videos, and FAQs.

Remote Deposit Training Instructions Available Now

We're moving steadily toward Cashless Grounds in 2019!  

In compliance with FIN-016 and the Cornerstone project, the effort to implement remote deposit has made its next leap forward with the publishing of the UVA Remote Deposit User Guide, the Bank of America Remote Deposit Scanner Guide and quick reference guides for standard deposits and expenditure credit deposits.  You can view all the instructions on the FOC site.

To get your department set up for remote depositing, contact Brenda Nalley.

Read more about Cashless Grounds here!

UVAFinance Team wins national award for PCI Compliance Training

Ruth Parcells
 Payment Card Services is the area of Financial Reporting & Operations (FR&O) responsible for supporting UVA's departments and units that accept credit cards.  This includes making sure those involved with credit card payments across Grounds have the proper annual training in order to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

Recently, a collaborative effort between FR&O and Finance Outreach & Compliance led not only to a much-improved training for those on the front line but also national recognition.

For Ruth Parcells, then-Senior Card Compliance Analyst in FR&O*, the training traditionally offered was based in powerpoint, and it covered everything from high-level compliance concerns to how to maintain a point-of-sale device.  The training badly needed an update, and some focus so it was easier for people to digest.

"Anyone who comes into contact with cardholder data, whether it's on a website, over the phone, or in-person needs this training," Parcells explains, adding that "this means we're working with a very broad group."
Erika Priddy

Parcells turned to Finance Outreach & Compliance (FOC), a fellow department within UVAFinance, to modernize and sharpen the PCI training.  Training and Development Specialist Erika Priddy from FOC worked with Parcells to vastly improve the training and customize it to the variety of roles within the PCI world at UVA.

Priddy says the focus was on making the training "super quick, easy, and applicable to people within their specific role, providing training pertinent to their job duties, whether that's recognizing suspicious customers or knowing when your machine is having problems."

Working together, Parcells and Priddy produced "PCI Credit Card Security," a training that is specific, automated, gamified and less than 20 minutes in length.

Parcells, encouraged by the improvements in the training that she submitted the new PCI Compliance Training to the National Cyberwatch Center, and it was ultimately chosen for a winning spot at their 2019 National CyberWatch Center Innovations in Cyber Security Education program.

Parcells' and Priddy's collaborative effort will be honored at the Community College Cyber Summit in Shreveport LA, on Tuesday, July 30. 

Additionally, their work will be featured in press, social media, and National Cyberwatch's annual journal.

For more on PCI Training, visit FR&O's Payment Card Services page on the web. 


* Ruth Parcells joins the Audit team this July; we're sorry to see her leave FR&O but so glad she stays with us in Carruthers Hall!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Four Steps to More Effective Emails

We send and receive hundreds of emails per week.  Want to increase the chance the emails you send are read?  Check out these four steps to help your recipients sort, file, and act on your message as one of the multitude they get every day!

See more videos from UVAFinance on our YouTube channel.

Wellness this Summer: July FEAP Seminars

Click here to find out more!
It's always a great time to be well!

The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) is offering great wellness sessions this July. 

Trainable Skills of Wellbeing

Learn what you can do to support good mental well-being by training your brain with intention. 
July 17, 12 - 1 pm, Education Resource Center Room 2
Read more and register here. 

Thriving in Your Life

This session features content on practices to help you thrive instead of vacillating between overexertion and exhaustion.
July 18, 12 - 1pm, Carruthers Hall Carr 1&2
Read more and register here. 

This info brought to you by your
Hoo's Well Champions

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

UVA Police Department Canines are coming to Carruthers for Lunch

You may have seen in the UVA or local news that the University Police Department’s explosive-detection canine, “Muki”, recently retired after 56 dog years of service.  (Read more on the UVA Emergency Site)
UVA PD Retiree Muki

Officer Audrell Ragland who was Muki’s handler, is now working with a new partner, “Nahla”. Officer Ragland and fellow K-9 Officer, Sam Joy, who is working with “Rexo”, will be visiting Carruthers on Tuesday, July 23, at 12:00 noon for an exciting and interactive Lunch and Learn for UVAFinance team members.

Officers Ragland and Joy will deliver a brief presentation and answer questions, and then Nahla will demo her K-9 skills! We will also have the opportunity to interact with Nahla and Rexo.

Registration Required

The Lunch and Learn will be held in Carr-1 and Carr-2. As space is limited, if you plan to attend this Lunch and Learn, please enroll using the following link:$370556/15972$1406.htmld

Brought to you by 

Day of Caring 2019 set for September 25

The 2019 United Way Day of Caring date has been set, so please mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

Don’t know what this is?

UVAFinance fields about 3-4 volunteer teams each year that work on a United Way sponsored project in Charlottesville or the surrounding counties.

You do not need to take leave, including community service leave, for these hours to participate.

Each year the projects change, so there is always something different to do.


Please fill out this RSVP Survey byAugust 1, 2019 to let us know your interest and keep you informed.


Contact  Mara HilliarChristine Kennedy, Stacey Rittenhouse, Kimberly Smith, or Shannon Wampler.

Hope you will be able to participate! Go Caring Hoos!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Submit your pictures for Virtual Bring your Pet to Work Day!


Furry, feathered, scaly, clawed, pawed, hooved, and/or horned:  we want to see 'em!  Share pictures of your pet (with or without you, according to your preference), and we'll display them for all to enjoy during the first week of August.

If you're reading this, you're invited to participate, whether you work in UVAFinance or not.  Bring on the cuteness overload!  Email your pictures to today!

C'mon . . . let's get the warm fuzzies together.  

Our Online Community is getting a new address!

For almost a year, the online community built to support UBI has also been host to a space for Finance Strategic Transformation.  Since then, we've called the platform our "Community Hub," but the web address has remained specific to UBI.

This week, we made the change "official" with a new address that reflects our growing community:  Our new internet home is

All previous issues with NetBadge login to the community at its new address have now been resolved.  Stop on in and see us!

Haven't dropped into the online community yet? 

 It's a great place to view all details related to Finance Strategic Transformation.  

Dive in for an in-depth look at all things FST and connect with the project team. You'll find expanded explanations of FST topics, updates, meeting materials, and outputs. You'll have the opportunity to join in the conversation and provide feedback by visiting a dedicated space to ask questions and get answers, share ideas, chat with project team members, and more.   

We're happy to show your team how to use this resource—folks are welcome to reach out to Brandi Van Ormer for help.

A Call to Courage: New on Finance Matters

Angela Knobloch
 Vulnerability isn't about winning and it's not about losing -- it's about having the courage to show up even when you can't control the outcome. On this episode, Brandi and Patty are joined by Angela Knobloch and Erika Priddy to discuss Brene Brown's Netflix special "The Call To Courage." Forbes Magazine recommends viewing Brown's special "immediately." Whether you have tuned in or if you're just interested in what all the fuss is about, we hope you'll join us to glean some important concepts that can improve your life.

Resources Mentioned:
Erika Priddy

Transcript of "Call to Courage"

The Man in the Arena, T. Roosevelt

Brene Brown's website

Check out Brene on YouTube

Friday, July 5, 2019

Improve your Public Speaking Skills with Toastmasters

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New Policy on Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse

The Office of Youth Protection recently shared a new policy that applies to all Academic Division and Medical Center employees at the University. The new policy on the Protection of Minors and Reporting Abuse subsumes existing policy HRM-047.

Key elements of the policy are:
  1. All associated individuals, visiting faculty/ scholars, volunteers, and third-party members of the University community who, in their professional or official capacity have reason to suspect child abuse or neglect, must report the matter immediately to local and University authorities. This aligns with Virginia state law.
  2. All covered programs, as defined in the policy, must register with the Office of Youth Protection. Covered program staff will be required to complete training on recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect and they must complete a background check every two years.

If you or any member of your team has a question about what constitutes a covered program, please contact the Office of Youth Protection at 434-297-6462 or . Within UVAFinance, questions can be directed to Lynne Schwar.