Thursday, August 22, 2019

Finance Transformation News

Explaining the Phases of Finance Transformation

If you're like many of us, you've wondered about the "phases" of Finance Strategic Transformation.  As we move forward with Phase 2, you may not be sure what "readiness" means, or how it's different than what we did in Phase 1, or what we'll do in Phase 3.  James Gorman gives us a helpful analogy in this CommunityHub piece that simplifies all the phases.  Check it out, because we need your help to build this thing!

OSP goes on Grants Management Fact-Finding Mission for FST

At the end of July, a team from the Office of Sponsored Programs (Stewart Craig, Kristy Hall, Vonda Durrer, and Urmila Bajaj) went on a fact-finding mission to Yale University, to discover more about Yale's transition to Workday Financials. The OSP team were treated to a system demonstration, answers to their burning questions about Workday and grants management, and, most importantly, received candid feedback about lessons learned that can benefit UVA. OSP returned to UVA with a sense of enthusiasm for FST, and is pledging a significant commitment of time and resources to the initiative. Read more about their visit and read Yale's "Lessons Learned" on CommunityHub.

What else has been going on?  Check out these new CommunityHub posts to stay in the know!


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UVAFinance Personnel Files: Nick Williams

Click the image for a larger view
Personnel Files is a UVAFinance Blog series in which we introduce a member of the Finance team so all can gain a greater understanding of how finance works at UVA.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Calling All Volunteers! It's Travel & Expense Expo time!

It’s Travel Expo time again and we need volunteers to help make it a success. 

The event is on Thursday, September 19. Check out the Sign-up Genius to choose a task. Please click the button below to sign-up today!

Thanks for your support!

FST Announces new Senior Project Manager

The FST team is pleased to announce that Onyi Odumosu will be joining us September 3 as the senior project manager.

Onyi is presently working in project management at UVA's Emily Couric Cancer Center, and before that she led Phase 2 of the Epic system implementation for the UVA Health System.

 Onyi has over 15 years of project management and technical leadership experience across corporate and higher education industries, so we are thrilled to have her on the team!

Budgeting FY20 Endowment Distribution

The FY20 Endowment Spending Distribution was recently processed. Starting this year you have received the distribution for the full year.

You can access the distributed amount via the UBI module- GL Details Current. Go to the tab titled “BudgetUVA – Gift/Endow”. Select your MBU Project Owning Org Name, the FY Num – 2020 and Fiscal Period Jul-19. The result will be all of your gift and endowment distributions. To obtain the FY20 Endowment distribution select Object Code 2925 Internal Payables-Due To (CENTRAL USE ONLY). See the image below (click for a larger view).
Click image for a larger view

The object code 2925 is a balance sheet object code –“Internal Payables -Due to”. At the end of each quarter, an adjustment will be made moving a portion of the distribution from 2925 to the 8920 object code. By the end of the fiscal year 2925 will be zero and 8920 will reflect the full distribution.

Please use this information to make your entry into BudgetUVA:

  • When you receive your FY20 distribution, visible in GL Details Current as mentioned above, you will enter that budget into both the GL and GA of BudgetUVA.
  • In the GL section of BudgetUVA: Credit the amount (-ve signage) using the 8920 object code
  • In the GA section of BudgetUVA: Debit (+ve signage) the amount in Budget Only,OTPS
  • If you are using an unfunded amount from an earlier fiscal period you would use 4999 object code in the GL.
See the image below (click for a larger view). 
Click image for a larger view

QUESTIONS? Let us know, we're happy to help!

If you have any questions about the FY20 Endowment Distribution, contact Wanda Breeden at 924-4208 or

If you have any questions about using BudgetUVA, contact your budget analyst or send an email to

Want to get your Real ID at the Travel & Expense Expo? Here's how!

DMV Connect, the Department of Motor Vehicles’ “office in a suitcase” will be set up at the Travel and Expense Expo to process REAL ID applications on Thursday, September 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can find DMV Connect’s table in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom.

There’s a $10 one-time REAL ID surcharge in addition to standard renewal or replacement fees.

Please visit for more information. To determine which documents you'll need to bring, check out our list ---->

To save time, complete your REAL ID driver’s license renewal or replacement application in advance at 

Simply log into your myDMV account and, in the Online Services category, select whether you are renewing or replacing a driver’s license. Your completed online application will go into a pending status which our mobile team will be able to access during your visit.

We need volunteers!  Click here for more info.

Procurement donates valuable points to Virginia Non-Profits

Through the University contract with The Supply Room Company, we earn points through HP's "PurchasEdge" loyalty program.  We're able to trade these points for free printers that we can share with the University community (read more on the blog here!)  

We try to use these points internally if at all possible, but, from time to time, the some of the points we accrue expire, much like your grocery store fuel points. Rather than let these leftover points expire, Procurement donates them to other nonprofit agencies that participate in PurchasEdge.

This summer, we were able to donate 36,000 points to Fairfax County Public Schools and Child Development Associates.   Those organizations will be able to trade the donated points for much-needed printers, scanners, and other supplies offered through HP's program.  

Procurement accrues HP points regularly, so if your department is in need of a printer, contact Kristin Floyd in PSDS.  

GREEN TIP:  Remember that even if your older printer is still functional, it may be costing you substantially in energy dollars.  Older office equipment is less energy efficient, costs more to operate, can be loud, and can even generate enough heat to cause you to have to adjust your thermostat to compensate!

UVA has nearly 200 printers over 8 years old -- replacing all of them would reduce printer energy usage to their departments by 67%!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Celebrating National Payroll Week September 2-6

Every week, University Payroll saves the day by making sure all UVA employees are paid on time and correctly.

Our Payroll department manages 5 payrolls (2 monthly and 3 bi-weekly) for the Academic Division, the Health System, and University Physician's Group -- that's a workforce of over 33,000, paid with 99% accuracy every time!

Thanks for what you do, Payroll Team!

Did you know?  National Payroll Week coincides yearly with Labor Day week and highlights the achievements and partnerships between America's employees, payroll professionals, and various government programs and agencies.  Read more here!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Health & Well-being Class Series at Carruthers Hall

Empowering Your Health and Well-being 4-week class

Presented by Beth Frackleton, MEd, BSN, RN, NBC-HWC
and Mary Sherman, LCSW, CEAP, CAPP UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program

Carruthers Employees:  Are you ready to make some empowering changes in your life to positively impact your health and well-being?  Such as moving more?  Lowering your stress level?  Eating healthier? 

Join this 4-week class onsite at Carruthers Carr 1 and 2 that will use the best strategies from Health Coaching and Positive Psychology to help identify and meet your goals.  The class will be highly engaging and geared towards your personal success.  

This class is a pilot program that will provide 1-1 pre and post free health coaching.  A commitment is needed to attend all four classes along with the pre and post-coaching sessions.  More health coaching is also available if desired.  

To sign up or for questions please contact Beth Frackleton at or 434-243-8199.   Beth will sign you up for your initial 20-minute health coaching session to share information about the class and prepare you for the program.  Sign-up quickly as there are only limited spots.

Dates/times at Carr 1-2:       Week 1 –  Tuesday, October 1st     12-1
                                                Week 2 –  Tuesday, October 8th     12-1
                                                Week 3 -   Tuesday, October 15th   12-1
                                                Week 4 – Thursday, October 24th  12-1

News from Student Financial Services

Peer Financial Counseling Returns!

Students who are searching for assistance with their personal finances have a new resource to utilize on Grounds in the Peer Financial Counseling program. This free service launched in February of 2019, and is back for its first full academic year starting on August 27th. 
Peer Financial Counselors will work with a student to help them determine their financial values and priorities, and provide them with ongoing support to stick with the financial plans they make. Appointments can be made by sending an email to, or by visiting Room 245 of the Georges Center inside Clemons Library from 2-6 p.m., Monday-Thursday. Visit the Peer Financial Counseling website for more information.

Student Financial Services Offers Drop-In Hours

Student Financial Services is pleased to continue offering weekly drop-in hours in Clemons Library as an additional resource to students. 

Beginning on August 27th, students can stop by Room 236 of the Georges Student Center from 2-5 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons and 5-8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings to speak with an SFS representative about their financial aid or student account. No appointments are necessary!

Friday, August 16, 2019

As Message from J.J. Davis: Planning for Friday, Sept. 6 Football Game vs. William & Mary

Dear Colleagues,

The University is preparing for a home football game against the College of William & Mary at Scott Stadium with kickoff at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6th. Impacts of this night game will begin earlier in the day, and I write to share information.

Although there are logistical challenges to hosting a large event on a weeknight, the University is committed to maintaining a regular schedule for all activities. No classes will be cancelled and patient care services will be provided as usual. A team is working hard to mitigate the game's impact on students, patients, employee work schedules, traffic, and parking.  
Academic Classes: The Provost’s Office will provide further information via email to anyone with academic credit-bearing activity on Central Grounds beginning or ending at 4:00 p.m.

Employee Work Schedules: While the University will operate on a normal schedule on September 6th, departments may use their discretion to determine the appropriate staffing levels to maintain services. For those operations that can support it, managers are encouraged to use flex scheduling or permit the use of annual or comp time to modify employee shifts on September 6th so that staff can maintain a 40-hour work week.

Parking, Bus Routes, and Road Closings: Several parking lots in the vicinity of Scott Stadium must be vacated by 4:00 p.m. and a few UTS bus routes will be altered by the traffic management plan. Every effort will be made to accommodate special parking and transportation needs of faculty, staff, and students after 4:00 p.m. Parking & Transportation (P&T) has posted specific guidance for permit holders and transit riders on a dedicated web site: . By September 3rd, P&T will e-mail information about parking and transit options to permit holders for lots that are directly affected by the game.

Contacts: The success of our planning efforts relies on clear communication with faculty, staff, students, and the community. Contact one of the persons listed below to report a specific need, make suggestions, or ask questions:

This Friday evening game versus William & Mary marks the annual Paint the Town Orange celebration. Employees may purchase $15 lower level tickets to the game by visiting and entering the promo code PAINTTHETOWNORANGE. This represents a savings of over 40%.

I am grateful for your understanding and support as we prepare for this special event.

Jennifer (J.J.) Wagner Davis
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Finance Transformation: Breaking down Silos for Continuous Improvement

Big changes can be tiring, right?  The process is long, the details are many, the deliverables pile up, and the deadlines loom large . . . but, if you take time to recognize and celebrate the wins along the way, you might get an energy boost!

Kelly Hochstetler, the
"voice of LD"
Finance Strategic Transformation isn't just a software implementation -- it's also a focus on continuous improvement and making sure we're delivering the best service possible in the best way possible.  This week in the Online Finance Community on CommunityHub, Kelly Hochstetler of Finance Outreach & Compliance shines a light on some great things involving LD and more that have been accomplished through a collaborative effort.

Read her post, "Collaboration during Change:  breaking down silos and solving problems."

Check it out and please share your own continuous improvement stories (as you can see, we love 'em!).  

Comments and questions are welcome in the online community, and here on the blog.

Visit FST on the web:

CommunityHub Series on Data Fluency

Check out the latest from the UBI team on Data Fluency in our CommunityHub!

This post presents a case study from the University of South Dakota and their effort to weave together data, department goals, and the institution's strategic plan to improve decision making.  It's a great read for anyone going through lots of system and process change.  HINT HINT! :)

Read it here!

More from this series:

Data Fluency: Defining Data
Data Fluency:  A Framework for Building a Data Culture
Data Fluency:  A Needed Language for Today

Virtual Take your Pet to Work Day: Witness the Cuteness!

Emma says you should
check out her and her
pals out on Flickr

If you missed the slideshow in Carruthers Hall featuring our finance family's furry friends, you can still view them here on Flickr!

So. Cute.

Millie and Richard don't care if you look
at the pictures or not, because they are cats.

UVAFinance Personnel Files

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Personnel Files is a UVAFinance Blog series in which we introduce a member of the Finance team so all can gain a greater understanding of how finance works at UVA.

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Culture Crew

The Culture Crew* has been busy!

UVAPolice Department Canines Lunch & Learn

Officers Ragland and Joy delivered a presentation, took questions, and then Nahla the canine demonstrated her skills!

See photos here

Get Grounded Field Trip to John Paul Jones Arena

UVAFinance team members went beyond the cubicle and toured JPJ!  Read more about the visit here. 

See photos here

* What's the Culture Crew?  Read more and get involved here!

Demonstrating their petting skills.
More photos (and videos) available on Flickr.
Thanks to Danielle Hancock for recording this session!

Look at those happy faces!
More photos (and videos) available on Flickr. 
Thanks to Danielle Hancock for recording this trip!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Get your "Real ID" at the Travel & Expense Expo!

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will be onsite at the Travel & Expense Expo this September and they'll be able to process applications for "Real IDs."  You may have heard about the new federal ID requirements that went into effect in 2018.

What's so important about having a Real ID?  On October 1, 2020, the federal government will require all domestic air travelers to present a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or ID card or another federally approved form of identification.  Read more here on the DMV site. 

Stay tuned for more info on required documentation to have your Real ID processed at the Expo, and for more on the great vendor info that you can expect at the Expo!

Discounts for UVA Faculty and Staff

Heritage Theatre "The Niceties" through August 11

The Heritage Theatre Festival is pleased to offer a 20% discount for Faculty/Staff at the University of Virginia for tickets during the run of THE NICETIES in the Ruth Caplin Theatre. With this discount, tickets for THE NICETIES, are $28 (Premium) and $20 (Section A). The Niceties will be presented in the Ruth Caplin Theatre Friday, August 2 - Sunday, August 11.  Details and ticket ordering here. 

Belk's:  August 24

The UVA Discount Program provides you and your family with significant discounts and special offers from local businesses.  Mark your calendar for the next special event, upcoming on Saturday, August 24 at Belk's in Fashion Square Mall.  To receive your UVA discount, present your badge prior to checkout. See more about the UVA Discount Program on the HR webpage.

What does it mean to have a Coaching Culture?

Embracing a Coaching Culture:  New on Finance Matters

Coaching involves teaching people and helping them to grow. It's different than managing, mentoring, or problem-solving, and it's a leadership style that can change your relationships and your organization. In this episode of Finance Matters, co-host Patty Marbury and Erika Priddy of Finance Outreach and Compliance talk about Coaching, which is an area of their expertise. Learn what coaching is, and how some simple coaching questions can change the way you interact with colleagues, supervisees, and even family.


Resources Mentioned

The Coaching Habit, by Michael Bungay Stanier

Contact Patty and Erika via FOC


Carruthers Summer Blood Drive Coming up!

Click image for a larger view
Our next Blood Drive is scheduled for Thursday, August 22 from 10:00am – 2:30pm in the Bloodmobile in the lower north lot of Carruthers.

Around 6 spots will be blocked off that morning for the Bloodmobile.  Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Help us celebrate PSDS' Joyce Dunn!

Joyce at home with some UVAFinance visitors.
Joyce Dunn, a 60-year fixture of the Accounts Payable team, has announced her retirement from Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services effective July 31, 2019. Joyce will be especially missed by those who benefitted the most from her helpful, hardworking, warm, personality – the fiscal administrator community within the University, and by the University’s vendors.

Joyce continues to convalesce from illness in Chesterfield, Virginia, where she can be closer to her family. 

UVAFinance and Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services invite the University community to join us in lifting her spirits as she’s lifted ours for all these years. We will compile your congratulations and best wishes in video format.

Make a video for Joyce!  It's easy:
1. Grab your smartphone
2. Record yourself (or your department) sharing a few warm words to Joyce (less than a minute, please!)
3. email the video file to
4.  Smile because you know Joyce will love this!

Send your greetings by August 30!

Questions, problems, concerns?  Contact Brandi at