Tuesday, October 19, 2021

From Melody's Desk

Dear UVAFinance Team

You may have seen the recent communications regarding the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, or CVC.

The CVC provides an important opportunity to support nonprofit and charitable organizations across the commonwealth – including over 50 here in our own community. Since the CVC’s inception, UVA faculty, staff, and others have collectively made a significant impact on these organizations and have led all state entities in terms of total giving.

Unfortunately, since the pandemic began, many CVC-supported community organizations have seen a drop in giving while the need for their services continues to increase.

I ask that you consider giving through the CVC, in any amount. Every gift makes a difference, and the online giving process takes just a few minutes to complete. Most importantly, it allows us an opportunity to live our values and support the greater good right here where we live and work.

If you’d like to learn more about the CVC, please read this recent UVA Today story. Or follow this link to give, in any amount. In addition, charitable donations that you have made already this year (and through December 31st) directly to CVC-approved charities can be counted in UVA’s CVC participation, with the proper documentation. Here’s the Direct Giving form that you can use if you wish to submit documentation for a gift made directly to any CVC-approved charity. You may have already made a contribution that can be counted in UVA’s CVC participation!

Julie Richardson also made the point that it would be helpful to have recommendations of favorite charities, so I’ll make one quick plug as I close. The Haven (CVC Code 200114), is a day shelter near the downtown mall that provides many resources to the homeless every day (hot breakfast, showers, laundry, computers, phones, storage bins, and mail services) with the ultimate goal of housing the homeless, something I think we all can agree with! More Charlottesville/Albemarle CVC charities can be found here: Local Charities_Participating_in_the_2021_CVC.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021

FST Update October 14, 2021


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No time to read paragraphs? Check out "Five Things to Know about WFST"

Foundation Data Model (FDM)

Pods of schools and units continue to meet on a regular basis, between once a week to a few times per month, working on mapping their PTAO values to the FDM. So far, fourteen schools or units have already submitted mapping files for review, and the FDM team has provided clarity to those working groups on how to use the project, program, and activity worktags, as well as the faculty-start up structure. Read more on the blog.

End-to-End Testing

The project entered the End-to-End testing phase in October, and the testing phase will stretch on into March of next year. The aim of the testing process is to confirm that our tenant of Workday Financials is functioning as we designed it in cooperation with stakeholders, during our two rounds of Configuration and Prototype. The team is looking for any and all bugs in the system so that they can solve any problems before go live.  Check out the Testing Tracker on the blog.

Progress toward Adaptive 3.0

This week, the Adaptive team met with the stakeholders who worked with them all this spring on budget process redesign and showed the group the improvements they’ve made to Adaptive based on their feedback. The team showed new compensation input sheets based on employee type, the addition of payroll costing and FTE columns, HCM Reference data, and the addition of Position ID. They’ll have an additional session soon to illustrate other improvements.  Get the details on the blog.

Business Analysts Join FST Team

Four new business analysts joined the change management team this Monday: Iteari Perry, Detria Thomas, Derrick Carter, and Riley Carper. They'll be working with our trainers to keep a careful watch on functional areas within end-to-end testing to make sure all business processes are adequately tested, that process flows are created and validated, and to work toward the creation of and review of training materials.  Read more about our new team members.

Enhanced RAPID Decision Documentation

We’ve always had the Decision Log on the FST portion of the UVAFinance website, but we’ve done a deeper dive in the online community – we’ve established a landing page related to FST RAPID decisions, including explanations of the RAPID decision-making process and documentation for major decisions. 

Five Things to Know about FST: October 14, 2021


1.  Foundation Data Model mapping is continuing, with the goal of having most existing PTAOs mapped by December.  Read more on the blog.

2.  End-to-End Testing is progressing well, as FST Team members search our Workday Financials tenant for bugs.  Check out the Testing Tracker to see how it's going.

3.  RAPID Decision documentation is easy to find in the Online Community, in this space that expands on our online Decision Log.

4. Adaptive Insights got some improvements based on user feedback, making it that much closer to the version we'll use on July 1, 2022, when Workday Financials goes live. Read all about it on the blog.

5.  The FST Team added four new business analysts, who will be key in making sure all business processes get thoroughly tested in End-to-End.  Meet them in this blog post.

PaymentWorks Goes Live Monday

PaymentWorks is going live with Oracle this coming Monday, October 18th. As a reminder, here's a look at the benefits of using PaymentWorks for supplier management: 

  • The ability to see steps of supplier registration.
  • Departments will be able to send invitations to suppliers and easily correct email address issues.
  • Access to all information on suppliers (e.g. supplier number) directly from their personalized dashboard.
  • The ability to view accurate information in the supplier database as it gets updated or corrected.
  • ACH payments will be available for suppliers and payees.
  • Suppliers will have the option to get paid faster if they sign up for faster payment terms.
  • The process for individual registration requires fewer fields and can be completed on a mobile device. 

If you would like to know more about PaymentWorks, you can find a list of resources here. If you have any questions for the PaymentWorks Team, please send them to vendors@virginia.edu

2022 Open Enrollment Ending Soon

Open Enrollment for 2022 benefits ends this Friday, October 15th. If you haven't completed your benefits enrollment in Workday, now is the time to do so! 

Remember, even if you aren't making any changes to your health, dental, or vision plans, you'll still need to re-elect the FSA and HSA programs if you want to keep them in 2022.

You can view more information regarding available options on UVAHR's Open Enrollment Website.


RAPID Decision Documentation on the Community

The FST team is constantly looking for new ways to keep stakeholders better informed. For RAPID decisions, the project team has created the FST Decision Log and provides consistent decision updates here on the blog and the Community. In addition to those resources, you can now also find documentation explaining how the project team and stakeholders made each major decision. 

These documents, and a general explanation of the RAPID decision-making process, have been posted on the Community. Links to all documents are on this page, but you can also use the search tool in the upper right-hand corner if there's a specific decision about which you would like to know more.

Budget Process Redesign: Progress Toward Adaptive 3.0

Stakeholders had an opportunity to view demonstrations of how the Adaptive Team has incorporated their feedback into the build of Adaptive 3.0 compensation models. In a series of ongoing meetings, participants in this past spring's budget process redesign sessions got to see how their input has been incorporated into Adaptive.

At this week's session, the team showed new compensation input sheets based on employee type, the addition of payroll costing and FTE columns, HCM Reference data, and the addition of Position ID. They’ll have an additional session soon to illustrate other improvements.

These changes are part of the overall process of getting Adaptive Insights, UVA's budgeting and planning tool, ready to integrate with Workday at go live in July of 2022.

End-to-End Testing Update


Workday Financials end-to-end testing is in full swing. The process involves replicating the full gamut of real-user scenarios and identifying any issues or bugs in the system. This all helps the team ensure data and process integrity before we go live. Each bug is assessed, and corrections are made for further testing.

In testing, the team has set goals for the testing scenarios they expect the system to pass, and the data below illustrates how those compare to the actual passed tests. are compared to the actual outcomes.

Click the image for a larger view

Thus far, the testing is going smoothly - scenario pass rate is high and issues are being quickly identified and corrected. For more information on testing for specific functional areas and a more detailed report, visit the metrics posted Community Hub. Testing is continuous and integral to our implementation so we will be providing regular updates so you know what testing systems are finding and how we are solving each issue that arises well in advance of July 1.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Change Readiness Assessment #3 Results


Last month, FST's change management workstream sent out the third Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) to stakeholders. The FST team uses this assessment to see how ready stakeholders are for implementation based on what stage of the project we are in. The assessment also informs the project's future communications, engagement, and training strategies. 

The third CRA was sent out to 1275 stakeholders from various departments across the University. 276 completed surveys were submitted, which is a 22% response rate (this number may seem low, but this is actually a pretty normal response rate). 

The overall results are currently being shared with FST governance groups. The next step is to provide insight to Change Leaders to inform future communication and engagement activities within their departments. 

As we get closer to Workday Financials go-live, the FST team will distribute additional Change Readiness Assessments to maintain awareness of stakeholders' readiness for implementation. 

FST Change Management Workstream Welcomes New Team Members

As we get closer to Workday Financials go-live, the FST project team will only get busier. That is why the Change Management Workstream recently hired four new Business Analysts. These new team members will help the project with organizational readiness and training. Read on for a short introduction to each analyst:

John (Riley) Carper has an extensive background in business analysis, knowledge management, and over seven years of experience in training and development. He is currently working on a Bachelor's of Science from University of Maryland Global Campus. Additionally, Riley has various other certifications and served in the United States Air Force. He also previously worked with UVA's University Physician's Group on the Workday HCM implementation.

Derrick Carter has experience both as a business analyst and a project manager. He has specific expertise with highly technical projects; gathering requirements; business processes; process improvements; and documentation. Like Riley, Derrick also previously worked with UVA. He was contracted as a business analyst for a short-term project in 2014.

Iteari Perry has more than 10 years of experience as a business analyst, as well as experience with software implementation, project management, and knowledge of advanced accounting. She has a Bachelor's Degree from DeVry University, an MBA and a Master's in Information Systems Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Iteari is also an author of children's books and was first published at 17.

Detria Thomas has been working as a business analyst since 2008. Her specific skills include Business Process Analysis & Design, Gap Analysis, Impact Analysis, Data Modeling, JAD/JRP Sessions Requirement Gathering, Customer Liaison, Requirement Extraction and Documentation, and Use Case Modeling, Process flows and improvements, and Change Management. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Strayer University, and a Master's from Liberty University. Like Riley, Detria also served in the United States Air Force.