Thursday, October 15, 2020

FST Update

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Configuration & Prototype is on the horizon!

As we move closer to configuration and prototype, everyone’s getting more excited – the team, because they’re building out something that we’ve all worked together on for so long, and the future users of Workday Financials all across UVA, because they will finally get to SEE something they’ve been looking forward to for years!

During configuration and prototype, stakeholders (that’s you if you’re reading this) will see how Workday Financials will work, with preliminary design decisions implemented.  The team has taken all your feedback throughout the planning and architect phases, and they’re building the tenant and loading UVA data into it.  Then, as James Gorman says, we’ll “roll back the curtain” and do some guided tours.

More on Configuration & Prototype here!

At the same time the guided tours are going on, the FDM team will be working on the FDM Mapping tool that they’ll then roll out to schools and units in the early spring.  This will allow users to make sure the mapping from the chart of accounts we have now to the new FDM is working correctly. That process will go on throughout the rest of the project.  Just a reminder, a preliminary FDM structure is complete, but this still needs to be tested.

Want more updates on FDM?  Click here!  And here!

We’re entering into a season of continual adjustment – building pieces, showing them to users and getting feedback, taking those suggestions and modifying the tenant, and so on.  Actual end to end testing will also be part of this process as we move closer to go live.

Advisory Group becomes Change Leaders

To support this phase of the project, the project team is leaning into the partnership we have with our Advisory Group in order to make sure all schools and units have the information they need and have a way to share their feedback.  In this new phase of the project, advisory group members are spinning up as change leaders to engage colleagues in their areas, with the support of an FST team change partner.  Your Advisory Group member slash change leader will be your go-to for all things FST in terms of getting information to you and sharing your feedback.

 The Advisory Group has been pivotal to the FST project since the beginning stages, and we’re really grateful for their partnership in this area.

Read more about our Change Leaders.

TSM & PaymentWorks

The FST team has recommended transitioning from Jaggaer Total Supplier Management to PaymentWorks, prior to Workday Financials going live.  Benefits of this switch include tailored user experience for individual payees, improved invite experience for departments, and much-needed fraud protection.  We’ll keep you updated on this decision as the team works out the kinks – we’re still sussing out all of the particulars before the decision is finalized.

More info now on the Decision Log!

Resources for You on the FST website

The FST website content continues to grow and be updated.  We’re keeping the Decision log updated, as well as listing out the upcoming decisions.  We’re also updating the Workday Wordsdictionary with new terms.

The team is also developing a resource page called the Information Station on the FST site that will allow our stakeholders to easily get up to date on the areas they’re concerned about.   For instance, if you wanted to know about the FDM because you’re thinking about those mapping sessions coming up in the spring, the Info Station lays out all the resources from our coms streams that will be most helpful to you:  the blog articles you should read, the community spaces you should follow, and the slides you should view, etc. etc.  This portion of the website will be continually updated, like all of our resources are, so check back frequently as new things are added.  And don’t be afraid to suggest topics or “learning paths” for us to map out.



Not All Change Leaders Wear Capes

Finance Strategic Transformation (FST) Advisory Group members are expanding their roles as Change Leaders as the project moves into Phase 3: Implementation. 

Learn more about the engagement strategy from FST's own Angela Knobloch, Team Lead for Change Management and Continuous Improvement, in her post on the CommunityHub

Upcoming Decisions for FST

Upcoming decisions are now on the FST Decision Log! 

Over the next few months, the team will follow the RAPID process to work through these decisions with project stakeholders. You can read more about that process here

If you'd like to take a look at these upcoming decisions, head over to this page on the FST website. The Decision Log is updated frequently, so don't forget to check back periodically to keep up with the latest decisions.

Participate in Rapidly Approaching "Shaping Our Spring Together" Sessions

Between now and October 23, plan to join one of several "Shaping Our Spring Together" sessions. Staff, faculty, and students have dedicated sessions for each group. The goal of these hour-long meetings, conducted via Zoom, is for members of the university community to participate in interactive sessions to share feedback about UVA's COVID-19 response so far that will inform how the university does things this spring. 

Go to Organizational Excellence's website to register. You'll receive an automated confirmation message if you register, with a calendar invite attached. You'll receive the Zoom link in another communication afterwards. 

These sessions are sponsored by the Office of the EVP/Provost and the Office of the EVP/COO (facilitated by UVA Organizational Excellence). 

New On Finance Matters: Brave Space in UVAFinance; Racial Equity Terminology

Brave Space in UVAFinance: Finance Matters

Patty and Brandi are joined by members of the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Group from UVAFinance, with a discussion of why fostering a brave space within the workplace is so important. Guests on the panel are Melody Bianchetto, Steve Kimata, LaVerne Harris Grant, and Jenn Bari. 


Resources Mentioned:

Inclusive Excellence at UVA:

Inclusive Excellence work within UVAFinance:

Previous Brave Space Podcasts: and 

Terminology in Racial Equity: Finance Matters

This episode is a companion piece to our recent Brave Space discussion, found here:

This pod contains a brief exploration of many terms we refer to in our Brave Space discussion, terms that are frequently used when racial equity is discussed. In this episode, LaVerne Harris Grant joins Patty and Brandi to go over the basics. 

Challenging the Status Quo Webinar – NEW Upcoming Sessions!

The three panels in our Challenging the Status Quo Panel Series have been excellent. Thank you to all the participants help us better understand what Challenging the Status Quo means to them, and to all the attendee who asked great questions. If you couldn’t join us, you can find the recording on the Continuous Improvement Community.

The Challenging the Status Quo Panel Series was designed to show you different perspectives from UVAFinance employees who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and share their thoughts and ideas with you​.

We have two upcoming sessions:

UVAFinance FST Panel
Friday, October 23rd – 10am
Lisa Shuler – Revenue Lead
Josh Breeden – Business Analyst
Phil Hamlett – Project Manager
Register HERE

UVAFinance Individual Contributor Panel
Thursday, October 29th – 10am
Amy Nolasco – Business System Analyst, Student Financial Services
Jonathan Agop – Supplier Management Specialist, Procurement Services and Supplier Diversity
Mara Hilliar - Executive Assistant for Melody Bianchetto
Register HERE

If you can’t attend watch the webinar live, the recording will be available on the Continuous Improvement Community.

Keep an eye on the Blog and the Continuous Improvement Community to hear more about the panels and other resources to help you Challenge the Status Quo.

Listen to past webinars on Finance Matters!

ISP Functional Team demos Workday functionality

Internal Service Providers (ISP) - An internal service provider creates an internal service document to record the exchange of services between departments.

Josh Breeden and Lisa Shuler, as members of the ISP Functional team, have been hard at work, meeting with over 100 stakeholders across Grounds to ensure that the first tenant of Workday Financials at UVA is configured properly for ISP transactions and to streamline current-state processes.

To make sure they "got it right," Breeden and Shuler shared a demo of Workday's ISP functionality, and conducted Q & A and requirement gathering sessions with stakeholders currently accounting for ISP-related activity using revenue recovery expenditure types.  They also held deeper-dive sessions with units such as Facilities Management, Business Ops, VP for Research, and ITS, due to their high volume of ISP transactions.  

For their next steps, the team will be honing in on the business processes related to the internal service deliveries.  They plan on walking through proposals for these processes with stakeholders so that they can make sure the plans work with their operations. 

Sound Bite!

We connected with Josh Breeden over Zoom this week to talk about the team's sessions with stakeholders; click below to listen in -- you might just catch some of the excitement that the project team has for sharing their work and collaborating with stakeholders!

Upstairs Conference Rooms are now Zoom Rooms!

An update from your friendly UVAFinance LSPs

We are excited to announce that all the UVA Finance upstairs conference rooms have been updated and now work as Zoom Rooms. This includes: 1, 2, all three Collabs, 7, and 8.

We believe you will find their use easy and convenient. You can schedule the room with your Zoom Add-in on your Outlook Calendar and share your screen wirelessly with the click of a button on your Zoom app.

Here are the instructions you will now see on all the screens when you enter a conference room. In addition, the following link will aid you in obtaining the Zoom Add-In if you need it. 

Questions?  Concerns?  Email us at finhelp@virginia.edju

Records & Information Management (RIM) on-demand training

Records & Information Management (RIM) has launched an on-demand training course through Workday. 

RIM Basics
is designed to give staff and faculty an introduction to the basic concepts of records management. This 30-minute course reviews how to identify university records, manage them throughout their retention period, and dispose of them in compliance with the Virginia Public Records Act. Supervisors are encouraged to enroll their team, especially new employees or those who haven't previously attended an introductory records management class.

After completing RIM Basics, learners can also complete a 4-minute supplemental lesson addressing Managing Financial Records.

RIM continues to offer other popular classes, including Email Management, Paperless Office, Shared Drive Clean-Up, and Office 365: Automating Retention, as live webinars. The full schedule is available online.

Uncharted Territory: Sharing Resources During the Pandemic


The pandemic continues to present many challenges to us all.  It's critical to take time for yourself mentally and physically.  There are resources available to help.  Please also see Melody's note from this week's digest

Contemplative Sciences Center

Virtual Weekly Meditation on the Lawn; Mondays, 7:50-7:55 am 

Free and open to the public; registration required.  Read more and Register here. 

Organizational Excellence Feedback Sessions

Share your thoughts on UVA's COVID response, processes, and services

Read more and register on their site. 

Common Grounds Healing Arts

Late Fall Virtual Class Series:  including many types of yoga, activating for anti-racist actions, foam rolling, and so much more.  Read more and register on their site.

IM-Rec Sports Outdoor Programs

Enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery by kayaking, paddleboarding, taking in a movie night, and much more (including a Zombie Run!).  See the details and register on their site.