Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Senior Accountant in Sponsored Programs Post Award

Danial Weinstein has joined the team in Sponsored Programs as a Senior Accountant in Post Award. In this role, he will be the lead for the non-School of Medicine Post Award Financial Management Team, and will manage his own portfolio of awards for the School of Engineering.
Weinstein recently joined OSP

Weinstein has worked with the Defense Contract Audit Agency in Los Angeles for the past eight years. He has performed multiple audits of federal contracts and is familiar with regulations, policies and procedures applicable to those contracts. He has a BS in Business Administration as well as a Level 2 Department of Defense Financial Management Certification.

“This role is an opportunity for me to grow professionally. The world of contract auditing is highly specific, and while it’s very interesting, it doesn’t lend itself to much accounting experience,” said Weinstein, adding that his roots in small-town central Florida had him looking for opportunities in smaller cities.

Weinstein looks forward to helping shape the positive structural and cultural changes ongoing in Sponsored Programs.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing baseball and softball and volunteering as a Little League umpire, in addition to reading and experimenting in the kitchen.


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