Thursday, July 27, 2017

Computer behaving badly? Check out these troubleshooting tips!

Technology.  We tend to take it for granted until it doesn't work the way we need it to, and then, well, we get frustrated pretty quickly.

When time is of the essence and the computer is malfunctioning, we tend to call the LSP first and ask questions later.  While some of your computer's technical difficulties require professional intervention, many others can be easily solved, even if you're not a "technical person" yourself.

Mike Hayton, an LSP in UVAFinance, put together a handy reference guide to reduce frustration and provide quick solutions for those he and his fellow LSPs serve (click on it to view more closely).   The LSP team hoped these suggestions might help their colleagues avoid waiting for external help and get back up and running quickly.

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And yes, "restart your machine" is a suggestion at the top of the list.

"You'd be amazed how many problems a reboot solves," Hayton said, adding that this guide is meant to be a quick first line of defense, not a complete 'fix it yourself' guide.

Hayton also offered this "pro tip" to act on now, while your computer is functioning well:  to prevent data loss, save your files in your personal folder on the U drive, not in "My Documents."  When you save to this folder, your files will be safe and sound no matter what happens with your actual machine.  Your LSP can help you set up this folder if needed.

UVAFinance folks:  printed copies on heavy duty, coated cardstock are being distributed so you can keep the info handy!

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