Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cleanup of old, inactive Purchase Orders in the Integrated System to begin week of November 6

Open POs with no activity in three+ years will be finally closed

Beginning the week of November 6, Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services will begin finally closing open, inactive purchase orders lingering in the Integrated System. The POs set to be finally closed are those that have had no invoicing activity in three or more years. Most of these POs have remained open because they have not been fully invoiced against, usually due to a discount being extended or a change in quantity of goods received.

This is simply an “FYI” – there is nothing you need to do at this time. Finally closing these POs should not have a negative impact on schools and units. Any money remaining on POs that are finally closed will be returned to the PTAO.

The POs are being finally closed due to PSDS’ transition to Total Supplier Management (TSM), a new solution for managing supplier registration and payment. TSM is a tool provided by Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), the vendor who supports our UVA Marketplace, and will streamline and automate vendor registration and payment processes.

Finally closing the inactive POs will allow us to deactivate vendors no longer used by UVA. This will ensure that the vendor file will be current and accurate when we go live with TSM.

In the unlikely event that you are contacted for payment by a vendor on one of the finally closed POs, contact a buyer within PSDS for assistance.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know; we’re happy to help! 434-924-4212

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