Thursday, July 12, 2018

Behind the Scenes in Payroll: Testing 1, 2, 3

Payroll staff, technical trainers, and subject matter experts were busy testing Workday during June to make sure both the team and the system are ready to pay everyone at UVA correctly and on time when the system goes live in January.
Payroll Team members deep in the testing process.

The team of 15 payroll staff performed "cross-sequential" testing and training, which means they focused on a diverse cross-section of workers and their payroll results over the course of the year. With this type of testing, the team was able to confirm the various types of earnings, deductions, and taxes as they calculated and accrued toward limits in an environment that mimicked the natural payroll cycles, which spanned 26 Bi-Weekly and 12 Monthly pay periods. They worked with a test population that represented employees from the Academic Division, the Medical Center, and University Physicians Group. 

Paul Grisdale, Director of Payroll Services, says the intense testing caught key system changes that otherwise would not have been captured prior to go-live and provided interactive, hands-on training, maximizing operational readiness.

"We've developed payroll processing checklists and control sheets across all three entities," he noted.

Although the three week testing period was long and sometimes arduous, it aided the team's comfort in navigating the system and boosted their knowledge of Workday, says Grisdale. It helps that the trainers and subject matter experts collaborated to make fun activities like Workday Scavenger Hunts, Workday Payroll Relays, and "Who Wants to Be a Payroll Partner" (based on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire").

LeTrecia Mathis, a member of the UVA Finance Payroll Services team, said “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to interact more and get to know my new co-workers. I enjoyed the ‘fun’ put into learning!”

We appreciate this newly-formed team's concerted efforts to make sure everyone gets paid correctly when Workday goes live! If you see a Payroll team member around, give them a high five, because they're working hard for all of us!


Have you seen the new Payroll website? Check it out here!

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