Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Way to Go Green! UVA Saves Hour was a great success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the energy-reduction efforts of UVA Saves Hour on June 26!  The UVA Office for Sustainability reports that during this year's test, their energy reduction goal was surpassed by 157%:
Mariah and Mara of the Carruthers Hall Green Team,
 sans overhead lights on UVAFinance
during UVA Saves Hour.
Before setting our UVA Saves Hour goal for 2018, it was estimated that on a late-June day at 2pm, UVA’s anticipated energy load would be 49,147 kW. We set a goal to be able to reduce that energy load to 41,000 kW  or lower in the event of a grid emergency. Due partly to the relatively cool weather during our test on June 26th this year, the peak energy load only got up to 40,440 kW that day. However, thanks to the efforts of everyone who participated in UVA Saves Hour, we were able to decrease our energy load by an additional 2,870 kW between 2-3pm, meaning we not only met, but far exceeded our energy reduction goal during UVA Saves Hour 2018.
A great way to save energy (and recharge yourself) is to
unplug and go for a quick stroll with your colleagues!

Way to go, everyone!  

Remember:  any day of the year is a great day to conserve energy and make our workplace (and the planet) greener!

  Check out this blog post for great suggestions for everyday energy savings. 

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