Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Student Financial Services Welcomes Maggie Duncan

Maggie Duncan has joined the SFS team as a Payment and Student Account Analyst.  Duncan, who comes to UVA most recently from Wells Fargo Advisors, views her new role as a perfect mix of her training in finance and her love of education.
 Duncan completed her bachelor's degree at Columbia College and earned a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Executive Leadership from the Liberty University School of Business this past December.

After working to put herself through undergraduate school, she learned to love minimalism during graduate school, selling anything she didn't need so she could focus on her studies without working.

"I learned that I didn't miss anything I sold," she says, adding that financial freedom and no debt meant that she could spend more time doing things she enjoys.

In her new role, Duncan will put her training and experience, along with her personal journey as a student, to work as she handles deposits, reconciliations, and occasionally helping UVA students with their own financial questions.  

In taking a position at UVA, Duncan continues a family tradition:  her mother had a long career in Opthalmology, and her father has been in Facilities Management for over 20 years.    

Duncan lives in Charlottesville with her husband Derek, a sheriff's deputy for the City, and Tucker, their chocolate lab.  The Duncans enjoy spending time outdoors kayaking and hiking, as well as taking their camper to the beach to enjoy friends and family.  

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