Thursday, October 10, 2019

Finance Strategic Transformation Updates

Workshops galore!

Business Process Discovery Workshops (BPDs) are well underway.  The purpose of these workshops is to give stakeholders in functional areas an overview of what their business processes could look like in the Workday environment so that we can capture implementation concerns as we move toward Phase 3.  No decisions are made in these workshops -- in our analogy of building a house, these sessions are like looking at an artist's rendering of the house we're considering building, not the actual blueprints.

The project team is striving to get summaries of all of the BPDs in the online community -- as we staff up, this should happen more quickly.  As of now, you can see slides from all of the BPDs in the Community, and summaries of all will be posted soon.  Please do let us know if you have questions about anything you see/read!

A Frequently asked UBI question

People have been wondering about what will happen with UBI when Workday Financials is implemented.  We don't have a crystal clear picture of that yet, but Mark Anderson and Forrest Swope of the UBI team shared some thoughts in the Community that should help.  (The short answer, as Mark says, is that UBI, the Data Warehouse, and Workday's native reporting will all have an important role to play in our future reporting.)  Read more on the Community.

Why is everything so vague?  

What's up with the lack of specifics on FST? We've been getting asked a lot about why things regarding FST are so ambiguous.  Read on as James talks more about the process of FST and project of this scale:

Workday Rising

October 14-17, many FST project team members and colleagues from around UVA will attend Workday Rising in Orlando.  At this conference, we'll get to meet peers at other institutions with whom we can swap knowledge and experience, and hear from product and industry experts in sessions that will build our skills.  We're looking forward to this opportunity to learn and stretch so that we can make FST the best experience possible for the entire UVA community.  Look for Community posts from your colleagues who are attending!

Recap of this week in the Community: 

Slides from all BPDs
Thomas Schneeberger's update on the Chart of Accounts Workshops
UBI Question
What's up with the ambiguity?
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