Thursday, January 25, 2018

Software partnership will reduce administrative burden, improve efficiency in UVAFinance

A partnership with the School of Medicine (SOM) and School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) will soon make it easier for UVAFinance LSPs to address the technological needs of their clients.
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KACE software has components that were of great interest to UVAFinance ASG-LSP team member Mike Hayton. The software’s ability to automate by reducing data entry, the way it allows users to download approved software on their own time, and its ability to remotely solve user issues were all attractive and made problem-solving easier and more efficient. But for a small department, the cost was prohibitive.

Those costs had put the software out of reach for use in Finance until, at a meeting on Grounds, Hayton discovered through routine networking that SOM had been using KACE for nearly a year and a half and it was working as promised in the sales pitch.

Ultimately, UVAFinance, SCPS, and SOM were able to enter into an arrangement through which UVAFinance shares the cost of the software and is able to use it, while SOM gets trained professionals that they can lean for expertise – a win/win for all involved.

Not only is the arrangement mutually beneficial, and a great example of creative problem solving, but also, the partnership with SOM means that UVAFinance can more quickly implement the system because SOM has had some time to figure out the University-related nuances and infrastructure of the system.

UVAFinance team members are already deploying the “KACE agent” onto employee devices, and Hayton and fellow LSP Linda Estepp are busy learning the tool. Estepp will attend a KACE conference this May. They hope to have KACE fully functional and UVAFinance team members realizing the benefits by this summer.

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