Thursday, February 19, 2015

Excel Tips & Tricks: Ctrl and Alt-Enter

A recent edition of Excel Tips & Tricks showed how to combine Ctrl and Alt to navigation keys like the arrows or PgUp/PgDown to quickly move around a workbook or worksheet.

Now take a look at using Ctrl and Alt with the Enter key to accomplish a few quick tasks.  Alt-Enter creates a line break in a cell to make text or formulas easier to read. Ctrl-Enter lets you quickly enter the same data or formula into multiple cells at once instead of using Copy/Paste. Check out the examples, and there is a bonus tip that may help you speed up the keying of formulas.

All Tips and Tricks are archived on the blog.  We are also working with UHR to create a training class to bring all these topics together in a more structured class format – more information to come soon.

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