Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tech Tips: Quick Hyperlinks and PDF/Picture to Text

Here is the fastest way to add a hyperlink to your text in Outlook emails, Word, etc.:

  1. Select the URL you want to point to (ex:
  2. Copy: Keyboard shortcut = “Ctrl + C” 
  3. Select the text to hyperlink in your document (ex: “Do you know about the MRP Town Hall?”)
  4. Add URL
  • Keyboard Shortcut = “Ctrl + K” (select the “Existing File or Web Page” option)
  • Keyboard Shortcut = “Ctrl + V” (to paste the copied URL)
  • Click “OK”
.....5. “Do you know about the MRP Town Hall?”
  • It is that simple!
  • Link an email address just as easily—“ctrl K” and select the “E-mail Address” option

Have you ever wanted to copy and modify text from a picture or pdf file?

You can insert the file into Microsoft One Note, right-click to select “Copy Text from Picture”, then paste into OneNote or a Word document.  It’s unbelievably simple!

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