Friday, January 6, 2017

Catalog Shopping Means Savings & Ease in Purchasing

Which sounds easier:  purchasing a product with sole-source justification and entering the PO manually, or going to the Marketplace, choosing the needed item from a catalog, and having the order processed electronically?
The catalog option, of course!

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services continues its mission to steward the University’s resources to the best of their ability.  Through PSDS’s Strategic Sourcing Initiative, 13 more catalogs chock-full of frequently ordered research and development products have been added to the Marketplace. 

The graphic below sums up the time and money saved when products are purchased through catalogs.  These 13 are just a start; up to 20 company catalogs are expected to be added this year alone.

Kristin Floyd, Senior Buyer, says the added catalogs are one of several ways PSDS is seeking to reduce the administrative workload of researchers across Grounds.   

“PSDS is working to increase the number of R&D vendors under contract with UVA.  Being under contract means less work for shoppers in locating and justifying the products they need to in order to do their research, less paperwork for everyone, better terms and conditions for the University, and better pricing, too.”

Current vendors under contract can be viewed here.  Don’t see a vendor you frequently use?  Contact Kristin!

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