Friday, August 11, 2017

What you need to know about the GL Recon Procedure Updates

As many of you are aware, the General Ledger (GL) Reconciliation Procedure required some updates to work with the new reporting environment, UBI. One of the recent module enhancements to UBI involves General Ledger Reconciliation.

First and foremost, there are no formal changes to the actual GL Reconciliation process – that remains the same. However, the data locations in UBI and printing requirements have been modified with the GL Recon updates.

In the recent UBI Release 5.1, a new tab, “GL Recon Certification," was added in the GL Recon module. The information shown on the GL Recon Certification tab is the only data required to print for auditing purposes (other tabs also allow printing; however, the formatting is limited).

General Ledger Reconciliation Procedure

The GL Reconciliation Procedure includes helpful, step-by-step instructions for assisting departments and users with their monthly GL Reconciliation and certification. Also found within the GL Reconciliation Procedure are definitions, documentation, checklists, and resources for assistance. We strongly recommend GL users reference the Procedure when reconciling each month. The GL Reconciliation Procedure may be downloaded from the FOC website.

Outlined in the Procedure are steps for reconciling monthly accounts in a timely and accurate way within UBI, including the following GL Reconciliation UBI walkthroughs (and modules below):

Finding GL Recon Reports in UBI

  • GL_Cash_Balance_Summary 
  • GL_Details_Recon 
  • GL_Recon_Certification (Tab) 

Preparer (Fiscal Contact) Procedure

  • GL_Cash_Balance_Summary 
  • GL_Detail 
  • GL_Recon_Certification (Tab) 

Approver (Project Approver/Manager) Procedure

  • GL_Cash_Balance_Summary 
  • GL_Details_Recon 

Please review the following sections below for information on the updates, what’s changed (or not), and any actions needed moving forward.

How does this change affect GL reporting?

All FY18 GL recons are expected to work in UBI, including the recon for July, due August 15. The UBI Team is also developing a permanent solution for printing within UBI to update within a future release.

Please remember the planned sunset for GL reporting in Discoverer is August 31, 2017.


The GL Reconciliation Procedure, a handy PDF reference guide with walkthroughs and directions, is your source for the GL recon process. Any enhancements or updates to the UBI modules or the GL recon process will be amended in the GL Reconciliation Procedure, available on the FOC website.

For any questions regarding General Ledger Reconciliation, please feel free to email Danielle Hancock, Training & Development Specialist with FOC, will be holding training classes and labs covering the GL Recon Procedure – please note the FOC training calendar for upcoming dates. Have questions regarding the GL Recon module(s) and reporting within UBI? Please email the UBI Team or check out the UBI Community, a support community packed with trainings and tutorials, release notes, and helpful answers provided by subject experts, fellow users, and the UBI Team.

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