Thursday, September 21, 2017

Stay in the know: Join the Policy Listserv!

We all have a lot to keep up with in our daily work:  approaching deadlines, shifting priorities, big projects, and "other duties as assigned."  How can we possibly keep up with policy changes? 

Policies are important because they communicate our shared values, set clear expectations for behavior or performance, and demonstrate institutional commitment to meeting external requirements and standards.

The Policy Listserv makes it a lot easier for busy staff to get news of changes, and the Policy Directory, a centrally-managed repository for policies that impact two or more VP areas, is also a great, searchable resource to bookmark. 

The Policy Directory offers search functionality by policy number, title, or keyword or you can browse policies based on contact office, oversight executive, or category. 

You can join the Policy Listserve by emailing Lynn Mitchell, University Policy Manager, to be notified when changes and additions are made to the Policy Directory.     

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes in UVAFinance to update our existing policies and migrate them into the Policy Directory. 

Current efforts are focused on updating policies related to account reconciliation, monitoring cash balances, effort reporting, consistent allocation of costs, and lease vs. purchase.  If you have suggestions for policies that need to be deleted, modified, or created please contact Kelly Hochstetler.

UVAFinance isn’t the only area updating policies; new Information Security policies have been approved and will roll out later this fall.  

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